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Period Questions

I'm 17 and I had the guts to tell my mom to schedule a doctors appointment about my period problems. It hasn't came in around 60 days (which is abnormal for me when it comes usually 30-47 days). I also have Graves' Disease and I'm wondering if it is coming back, or is it another problem that it is emerging. Also are there important questions that I have to ask my doctor? Thanks in advance.
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If you have Graves, it never goes away. Are you taking your medication at the same time everyday? And getting your blood tests every 4-6 months?
Definitely see your doctor. Important to keep the hormones stable and get your period back on track!

I've had thyroid problems and period problems since my teens (I'm 36 now). Never be afraid to ask questions about your own body you know yourself and energy levels etc better then anyone else
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Yes I am, 5 mg of methimazole, but have been inconsistent lately for a good week or two (afternoon or evenings, depending on how late I am at school. I had a couple days that I forgot to take them at all). I know Graves' Disease isn't a disease that I can joke around with. I get my blood checked for my hormones every 3-6 months and I am due for a TSI antibodies test in a few weeks since I haven't had one since I was diagnosed.
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