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Period Worry/Diabetes

I'm 18 years old. I got my first period in the 5th grade. Like 10 or 11. Even in the beginning I would skip a month or two and then have one that lasted for 8+ days. But when I was 12, they just stopped. For 6 months I went without one. It freaked my dad out, so he made me get tested. I was 12. I was not pregnant, nor have I ever had sex, but that's what he thought. After that my doctor sent me to another doctor to get an ultrasound. I'm a big girl. It's genetic, my whole family is big, though I could stand to lose some weight. They doctor who did my ultrasound said she couldn't find one of my ovaries, but that never went anywhere. So whether or not I only have 1 is still inconclusive.

After all that happened I was always really spotty. I'm 18 now, almost 19, and I have maybe 10 periods since. Maybe. In September of last year, I got the first one in a long while. And I bled for a month. It was like the first week of September when it started. I've had long ones before, so at first I wasn't worried. But after the secound week was over and I was showing no signs of stopping I told my gf's mom. Which is who I'm living with. We kept an eye on it. It got so bad I couldn't leave the house because I was bleeding through everything I owned. When October came around I was still bleeding, but it was spottier and kinda slowing. I went to visit my grandma and she told me I should see a doctor cause we have a history of hemorrhaging, but I never felt bad. Aside from the cramps, so I didn't worry too much. When I got back home I had stopped bleeding for the most part. But I felt weak and sick. I got tired and short of breath. I was nauseous, I stopped eating. I lived on water and a few crackers for 8 days.

It got so bad, I couldn't keep my eyes open I was so tired. Walking was impossible, I was throwing up everything. I couldn't keep water down. When I drank something, it felt like a contraction in my kidneys, and then it would come right back up. My gf's mom rushed me to the ER. I was there for 2 hours. They did all kinds of tests, and then told me I was in DKA. Diabetic Ketoacidosis, I'm not diabetic. I had been tested several times in my life, because of a family history. My blood sugar was over 700 and I hadn't eaten in almost 8 days. They took me, by ambulance, to a better equipped hospital. Where I spent 5 days. 3 in the ICU, 2 in regular care.

I went home, all better, I excepted it and took my meds like my doctor said. But in a month my levels were normal almost constantly and the medicine was making me so low, I couldn't function. So I quit taking it. Since then I haven't had a period. Twice, I've dropped clots, but nothing else. Once shopping for my grandma, shortly after the hospital. The secound time was last night. For the past 3 days my sugar has been out of wack and I'm experiencing DKA symptoms again, up until the blood clot. I'm basically back to normal today. (I usually throw a lot of clots during a period, but this is very new to me.)

It's really starting to scare me. I almost died last time and I don't want to experience that again. I can't afford a doctors visit or I would have already gone. Thank you anyone who reads and responds I just need some kind of an answer.
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Hi there. Wow, what a history.  Sorry it has been difficult.  First, hon, I would NOT mess around with trying to be a doctor to yourself and stopping medication that was prescribed for you.  That should only be done under doctor's supervision.  Diabetic ketoacidosis can be very serious!  This should be monitored.  You may or may not need medication but need a doctor to determine this hon.  Unless they tell you to stop, take your medication!  

I am not sure who is responsible for your healthcare as you live with a friend.  But you need a total evaluation.  It is NEVER normal to bleed for an entire month.  Indeed, you should have seen a doctor at that time.  Anemia would be expected with that kind of bleeding and your symptoms sound like that.  Not having a period for a year is also indicative of an issue.  

I think you need to circle back and have a total physical, an ob/gyn check to discuss these issues (and to investigate the one ovary claim years ago---  ), and a physician to discuss the diabetic issue.  

good luck
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