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Period and breastfeeding

So I have a almost 1 year old that I breast feed. We recently traveled from Texas to Ohio by car for 2 days. Havnt had sex so can’t be pregnant. Why did I spot once and still havnt started my period? My baby does sometimes take formula less here recently now that we are in Ohio.  Tia.
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Hi!  So, have you had periods yet? When I exclusively breast fed, I got no period until I began weaning.  I found that the beginning of getting my period was like irregular periods and coincided with reduced milk.  But you are describing being late?  Or not having a period and just spotting?  That's actually really common when you travel.  Any disruption in routine can throw your period off.  It could be related to changes going on with sometimes bottle feeding but probably it is due to the travel.  
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I have had a period since I had him.
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