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Period and discharge is really weird??

I'm 18 and female
So I've been having white colored discharge for 7 weeks now. I'm certain I'm not pregnant because I took 4 pregnancy tests and they all came back negative.

I got my period last jan 1 and it was a really weird period.
It was a slimy red period?? Also noticed some tissue passing on my pads sometimes.
Its really strange because I never had a period like that before. My period lasts about 5 days. After my period, I'm still having white colored discharge even though back then I always used to have clear and watery discharge.

Is this normal???
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Hello! Periods can be really weird, but passing tissue is normal. When your menstrual flow is heavier, blood clots tend to be bigger because there's a larger amount of blood sitting in the uterus. The clots formed are usually a much brighter red color because blood is filling and moving out of the cavity of your uterus more quickly—so quickly it doesn't have time to darken. While this period may be weird and different from what you have experienced in the past, it is completely normal.

As far as the white discharge, this could be within normal limits for some women. It could also possibly be a yeast infection, although I doubt you would have a 7 week long yeast infection. Do you have any other symptoms other than the white discharge. Do you have itching or odor?

Also, if you have been concerned about pregnancy, I am assuming you are sexually active. Have you been using protection? Has your protection failed such as forgetting to use it or a broken condom?
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