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Period resuming on IUD

Hi there,
I had Kyleena inserted 4 years ago and my period stopped shortly after, but last week I started getting cramps and bleeding like a regular period before I had the IUD. I can feel the strings and it seems fine but everything seems to say I should see a doctor if my period resumes after a prolonged period. I’m seeing my FP on the 15th anyway - I’ve also been very tired, very hungry, and have swollen lymph nodes for the past few weeks, so I already had an appointment - but is there anything I should be worried about? There are a few other symptoms I’ve had (I have migraines and they’ve changed a bit, and I had ulcers in my mouth) so is there anything I should bring up as potentially related?

(I’m 25, 115-120 LB, and take topirimate and ajovy for migraines)  
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The fact that your periods came back after 4 years on a hormone-embedded IUD when for a long time you didn't have periods at all due to its hormonal effect, suggests that the hormonal protection from the IUD is fading or has faded. Because IUDs are effective even if they don't have hormones at all (they work by being a foreign object in the uterus), this doesn't mean you are necessarily in danger of getting pregnant, but in your shoes I would talk to the doctor about getting a new IUD anyway. Kyleena also has an advisory online link, you could contact them and ask what they think.

Migraines are affected by hormones;  ulcers in the mouth probably are coincidental.
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