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Period symptoms, No period

HI. I am 44 years old. I have been on the pill for years, never missed a period. I've have had some unrelated medical issues in the last couple months. Because of them I have been taking muscle relaxants and a short 5 day cycle of a steroid.  I’m having all the symptoms of my period, but had no bleeding.  I have yet to take a pregnancy test.  Could I really be pregnant?? Or are their other concerns??
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Thank you!
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Maybe! It's always a possibility that a medication or something can affect your birth control. If it did affect it, your body might not have absorbed the pill as much as it needs. Therefore, your body could think you stopped taking it sort of thing. I know a lot of people who don't get their period after they stop taking the pills for a month or more.

It could be stress.

It coud also be (and I hate to say it) menopause. I know my mom is starting it. Sort of. And she is 43 years old. She broke down one day because of stress. Then when I got really sick she was excited to have someone to take care of. She will also randomly talk about my future kids and how she's going to spoil them. The pattern is there (no period but symptoms and thinking you're with child, though it's possible you could be if you've been having unprotected sex).

Hope this helps!
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