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Periods and pregnancy

Heres my story.
i had intercourse with my boyfriend approximately 7 weeks ago. i was due for my period about a week after the intercourse and i got it for 2 days (which has never happened before) however, i didnt think anything of it as im 17 and thought it could just be irregular. Now, my period was due 11 days ago tomorrow. is there a chance i could be pregnant or is my cycle just trying to even out??
im a bit worried to take a test or to discuss with my boyfriend as i would feel stupid if i was wrong :(
points i should add; we used the 'pull out method' which was absolutely stupid, i know, but im sure he didnt orgasm inside me, as he finished himself off for about 5 seconds after he pulled out..
as far as symptoms of being pregnant, no pain, no sickness, still eating basically the same but lately ive been having trouble eating types of food such as egg. also, ive had two hot flushes that i could count and my breasts are  a tiny bit more tender, but that could just be my imagination from this stress. also bloating a fair bit, but that could be from my period issues (if im not pregnant).
Suggestions, comments or answers, please.
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I have a friend that was in the almost the exact situation as you, she was getting some sort of period but not how she usually got it but she just dismissed it as her period being irregular however, a month or so later she started feeling sick and she decided to take a pregnancy test and it came out positive, so she went to the doctor and turns out she was already 3months pregnant. My suggestion is you just get a pregnancy test,  its better to know than stress yourself over it and I don't think your boyfriend will think you're stupid for just making sure. If you were usually really regular prior to this then I would definitely go take a test. And hopefully you guys would be a little more safer in the future so you won't learn your lesson the hard way. Hope this helped.
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Thankyou for that.
My period has been irregular alot which is why i asked in the first place. ive had a 22 - 23 day cycle and its been, well, odd. so i thought perhaps this is just my bodies doing, but after you saying that, youve gotten me twice as worried!
but thankyou
i will tell him tonight and ill buy a test tomorrow, :)
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