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Please help !!

I've asked a question like this before but I'm starting To wonder.. is my vaginal odor hormonal? I'm 14 & have a odor ONLY around my clit. It's kinda musky & sometimes a slight fishy. I scrub really good around my clit with summers eve gentle foaming cleanser. ( coconut water ). The smell will be gone for about a day & the next it comes back. No other friends of mine have this problem & it makes me so self conscious. Please help , thank you.
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Yes, you did ask this before.  Don't use summers eve or any other douching method.    Did you try the bit of antibacterial soap recommended on your last post?  watery stuff won't work, try actual antibacterial soap.  And then use regular soap after that.  Honestly, I doubt your friends smell you or have never had it.  You may just need to wash there regularly. good luck
Hey I’m back lol. Lately I’ve been using dr bronners baby unscented soap around the folds. It’s been working better than other soaps I’ve tried however , it only lasts for a couple hours then the sweaty odor around my labia is back. Like after school , could it be from crossing my legs? Is the odor somehow coming from my thighs?? & how would I stop sweating down there so much
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