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Don’t know if this is relevant but per google it might be, I’ve been on the depo shot consistently for 4/5 years. About 8 months ago I got told I had Bv took half the medications and the stopped. But now for the last 3 months or so I’ve had a cut like spot inside my vagina lip. It does NOT come and go it’s been there consistently doesn’t get better and doesn’t get worse. It does itch when irritated or clothes rub on it. No odor and no discharge. It’s not
Like a deep but that bleeds or anything just superficial kinda like road rash in a sense. Any ideas? I have an appt at the end of the month but of course google has me scared
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Being on the Depo shot, I assume you aren't having your partner wear a condom when you have sex?
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When people get on birth control they are usually thinking about pregnancy prevention, and a good thing, too. But there is no protection against sexually transmitted viruses or STDs unless you're using a barrier method like a condom. See your doc and get swabbed, and check for STDs and herpes. Hope it's none of those things, but don't put off getting checked.
Yes I have an appointment to get that checked I’ve read into that. The thing is it doesn’t come and go
Like an out break is said to. Iv read first out breaks will usually heal and go away on at least 6 weeks this has stayed and been the same for at least 4
Months possibly a little longer that’s why I wondering what else it may be.
Often herpes comes and goes, but it doesn't always come and go. And though with herpes there is a classic form that doesn't look like a scrape or abrasion, it can also take the form of something that looks like 'road rash.' What you have could be an STD or something else, the point is that your doctor is the one who can tell you. Call in and see if you can get on their cancellation list, to possibly get in sooner than a whole month away.
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