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Positive Pregnancy test after miscarriage, help?(pic incl.)

I had a miscarriage 5 weeks and 3 days ago.(April 22) I was 9weeks pregnant.
It was a natural miscarriage and it took me 3 hours to pass everything. The next day (Apr 23) I had a vaginal ultrasound which showed that everything had passed and I didn't need a D&C.
I had another vaginal ultrasound (May 21) and it showed that my body was back to normal.

Yesterday I took a pregnancy test. It was a faint positive.
Today I took another and it was a slightly darker positive (but I believe this is because my urine was slightly more concentrated by 1 hour).

Is it a new pregnancy? Or possible left over hormones?
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I would assume a new pregnancy but a doctor would know for sure.
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HCG levels (pregnancy hormone) depend greatly on how far the pregnancy was, but it could take up to 35 days untill it completely disappear, it's been 5 weeks for u so that strongly suggests a new pregnancy, u should get an ultra sound to confirm
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