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Possible yeast infection and then dry sex which caused vaginal frictions


So last Friday I noticed my vaginal opening was a bit tender and had a little red line mark on it and also discharge that looked like what i had previously as a yeast infection (2 weeks before that and went to the doctors and did swabs for everything and it came back as yeast) now on that Monday morning i had rough/dry sex that was very painful, we stopped to put lubrication on and continued. By Monday night i was still swollen and had pain urinating as well and when i grabbed a mirror i noticed spots that to me looked like carpet burns on the opening of my vagina so i goggled and it came up as vaginal friction burns.

I called up my doctors and spoke to the nurse there and she said that it sounds like i got that yeast infection back and to wash it with salt water. Because i already had a possible yeast infection i know that would of made it even more sensitive and tender but i wasn't able to get any canestan till Thursday. During that time i still had pain while urinating as well as when i would shower the water would sting. I did notice on Thursday though because of rubbing i got 3 little sores in difference places on my labia (no pus or didn't look like a blister, just a tender bump like a pimple almost). I have also noticed my Clit got extremely sensitive and swollen to touch and has become red and has this white/cream thing on it.

I mentioned i took canestan which was a tablet and cream to put on 2-3 times a day for 3 days. (Today is day number 2) I have called the doctors and i am on a waiting list for Monday or Tuesday but i was just wondering if anyone else has had this and have found any relief in getting the swelling down or i just need to get antibiotics and stuff from the doctors?

It's just rather annoying thinking there is something wrong with you and i have been sick a lot for the past couple of month with a upper tract respiratory infection and had a bad reaction to the drugs i was given for it and this i believe now is my 3rd possible case of a yeast infection since October.  I've also been with the same guy for 6 months and he hasn't had anything wrong.

Is this just a really bad case of vaginal friction burns combined with a bad yeast infection?
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I don't think it is a yeast infection anymore. It could be something more serious like a bacterial infection. You should go back and get tested for everything included STDs. Because if you are having unprotected sex it's possible you can have one and may not know. I've had a sore like a brush burn before and it was due to a STD. Go get check it never hurts!
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