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Problem with the clitoris

Hello, I'm 18 years old.I lost sensation in my clitoris.I noticed that the skin of the labia majora has become very thin.My libido is very low for 3 years.I am still a virgin because of this.I had blood tests and ultrasound.The test results are normal.
Could it be vaginal atrophy?
What kind of tests should I do?
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The skin of the labia minora being 'thin' is pretty normal. It's some of the thinnest skin there is on the body. Are you comparing it to how it used to be before you had periods? Has a doctor looked at it and said it is thinner than other women's skin?
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What kind of blood tests did you have?
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I had blood tests for estrogen, testosterone and thyroid hormones.
You might check in at the Thyroid community to list the thyroid tests you had. They make a big deal about the fact that you need to test more than an average screen gives, there's something called "free" T3 and T4 that are often not tested.

But in any case, I assume you are saying your estrogen test was normal? What about progesterone levels?
Estrogen and progesterone levels are normal.T3 and T4 tests are also normal.
Doctors doesn't know the cause of these symptoms.It worries me.
Maybe there is some medicine that could help me?
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