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Rape and STI Check. Please reply soon

Last year I was raped while being under extreme alcohol  intoxication.
Immediately after this event I had several symptoms including:
- severe vaginal swelling
- pain (soreness)
- 24hours after this event I got strep throat,fever, chills, and sick
- Went to Walk In Clinic (2days after) and got strep throat diagnosis because of a white film and inflammation/swollen tonsils
- 7days later I went to my Gynaecologist and he examined me physically (looked at my vagina) for any concerns. He said everything was normal and healthy and I should not be concerned.
- 9days later of the original event I received a cold sore on my lip (small clear bump) very small. - Went back to the Walk in Clinic and got a Swab for throat culture and sore culture but both came up negative.
- 1month later went back to my Gynaecologist to express some concerns regarding an itch and feeling uncomfortable with my vagina. (He physically examined me,and looked with a video camera to address concerns)
-1.5month later I went to the Gynaecologist again and demanded a swap for STI and he called back saying I was perfectly healthy and I should not let this event cause any psychological stress or facilitate depression. STI Check came back negative.
- My friends were involved in this situation, the male said he tried to go inside me multiple times but he could not fully go inside. (Genital contact) One of my friends involved with this situation has had a past clinical history of herpes on (cold sore location)
- Cold sore (on lip) is a concern for me because I have never had one until 9days after being raped.
- I am wondering if I should be checked for any other STI's or skin conditions, yeast, or HSV1 and 2 transmission?
- What are the percentages of transmission to both locations or both strands of Herpes ?
- I had safe sex only before this event with only 2 partners.

My health history:
- PCOS and Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Non Classical Salt Loosing
- Had a labiaplasty and clitoral reduction the year before this event
- Hormonal imbalance. Testosterone levels are higher.
- I do not masturbate and have only had sexual intercourse 2 times before being raped
- I am extremely sensitive during sexual intercourse and do not enjoy it because of pain which was there before being raped.
- Not too sure if the results of my labiaplasty contribute to wear it is itchy because of some cosmetic vaginal features that did not necessarily have the results that the doctor had planned.

What should I do? I need a medical professional's opinion? Because the herpes transmission possible to the genital location causing me depression which is affecting my overall health. I need to go back to my previous state of health and heal from the rape but this transmission issue is a problem for me.
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There aren't really words appropriate for expressing sympathy for this sort of thing, but for what it's worth, I'm sorry that this happened to you.  It's good that you have a therapist to talk to about it, because it's hard to deal with experiences like this on your own.

It's pretty much impossible to say what a virus was that caused small, indistinct blisters without a proper culture, which is hard to do.  Minor, unnamed viruses can do that.  I have twice had some mystery virus (as far as anyone can tell) that caused small, itchy, deep in the skin (not on the surface) clear round blisters in between my fingers.  Really sucked for a day or two.  Some viruses are constantly mutating, which is why you can get colds repeatedly, vs. things like chickenpox, which you usually only get once, although it does stick around in small quantities.

If you get blisters again, or feel like you might be getting blisters, don't share drinks or food with others, and don't kiss anyone or have oral sex with anyone, and get the blisters swabbed to check for HSV.  HSV doesn't spread except for during an outbreak, or right before or after an outbreak.

If your vagina is still itchy, you could have bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection, which the doctor can check for by looking at a specimen under a microscope.  If it's not still itchy, it was probably just irritation from not enough lubrication and rough treatment.

I agree with lili--these people are not your friends.  Friends would have hauled you home and watched over you before anything happened, or even called an ambulance if you were too intoxicated (from alcohol or roofies).  
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Aww bless you. Thats such a horrible thing to go through. I wouldnt still be calling those people your friends if they could do something so distructive to your wellbeing. Have you reported them at all? I wish you all the best in your recovery x
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thanks so much for the response.
Do you know what other viral illnesses are transmitted which cause small clear blisters? My issue is 9days after I received a cold sore like small blister thing on my lip not anywhere on my genital area. But my genital area was swollen and sore as well has been itchy. Doctor examined me physically 3 times and said i was fine. However, Im worried about the Herpes Simplex Virus for transmission for both locations lips(mouth) and genital.

My issue with this whole incident. Is that my friends watched me being raped and were involved with planning this after I was extremely intoxicated probably slipped with some sort of date rape while a 30 year old man did things to me. No one is giving me answers. So I don't know my chances of risks.

Thanks. I just recently started seeing a therapist last month because it has affected me at school and everything other aspect in my life.
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To verify herpes, they need to swab the sore while you have it.  There's a blood test, but you don't get a yes or no answer, just relative antibodies, so a swab is the way to go.  Herpes isn't the only thing that causes sores, and I think an initial infection would cause clusters of sores, but it's possible it didn't.  Other viral illnesses can also cause small clear blisters.  Also, find out what exact STIs they tested for.  They don't always include everything in a panel, so you should check, and get tested for anything they might have missed.

You also need some counselling.  You survived a horrible ordeal, and it's still affecting you, which is not surprising.  But you need to be able to talk to someone and work out your own feelings about it, and learn to incorporate the experience into your life without it ruining your ability to function, and a counselor or therapist can really help with that.
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I say YES: get checked for EVERYTHING.  You never know until you do this.  And please, if you are not doing so already, seek rape counseling.  Too many women keep teir moths shut about it, when they should be talking with anyone who can help.  Blessings - Blu
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