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Red Discoloration Outside Vagina/ Perineum Region

I am have red discoloration of the area outside my vagina...its not the lips of the vagina, its moreso the area right where the thigh meets the vagina and the area moving closer towards my anus (i think its called the perineum area).  It use to be very itchy with breaks in the skin that caused burning during urination.  However, my women's md gave me a perscription and had me switch soaps, so the itching and skin breaks have gone away.  I was tested for all STDs and they came back negative.  All of my cultures have come back negative, and it is getting to the point where my md doesn't quite know why the skin in this area is red.  It is bright red.  As an AA female, it is very noticeable.  I don't look down there a whole lot, so I'm not sure when the discoloration happened, but I'm relatively certain, it hasn't always been that way.  Does anyone have any suggestions why the perineum region outside my vagina (not the lips) would be red?  Do I likely just have a skin disorder?  Have you heard of any skin disorders that just affect this region the vagina region? Please help!
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This could be a skin condition especially as you have had tests to rule out an organism causing it.  
I have vestibulitis and vulval dermatitis and get soreness, degeneration of the vulval skin and some discoloration but not red as such.   Have you seen a gynecologist and or dermatologist?  
It could be that since you have had a prescription from you Dr that has got rid of the itching etc, that your skin will need time to heal up from whatever was causing it.

I hope this helps
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I have been to the gynecologist, but not a dermatologist.  I am going to do what you said and give it time to see if it heals up since I just started the prescription just over a week ago.  If this doesn't work, I will likely try the dermatologist.  Thanks for you response, it was very helpful!
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