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Red bumps on vagina

Hello I am a 27 year old female who is experiencing odd symptoms. I have been getting red bumps that come and go on my labia minora they are not blisters and they do not itch, they burn unless I cause friction with them.  I went to see my pcp about 2 weeks ago and she did a herpes culture which came out negative. I have had these type of bumps, 2 years ago which were also filtered and were negative. These bumps suddenly appear, there is 2 on my left labia minora and 1 on my right labia minora. Is this normal ? Could it be my hpv? I do have hpv, but my last pap was normal. Any feedback would be
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Hi there.  Well, the good news is that they don't hurt or itch.  Could they actually be a contact issue from friction since that's the only time you notice them?  Are you sexually active or does this happen after sexual contact?  
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I am sexually active and recall a first bump appearing after having sex with my bf when I wasn’t as lubricated or wet. I also noticed 3 more bumps recently this week after masturbating with my hand, (sorry for the details) could someone actually get friction bumps?
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Does your pcp know you are positive for HPV, and looked at the bumps and didn't think they looked like they could be caused by HPV? A pap smear won't test bumps on your labia, but it is not uncommon to get warts on the vulva from HPV. Did your pcp rule out that these could be genital warts?

Here's some info:
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she didn’t know what it was, when I had it cultured there was only one bump, the first time I had bumps similar to these (2years ago)I did go to my gyn and was told it was do to the hpv, my last pap was normal though. Does this mean my hpv is active again? Can bumps and warts look similar?
I would definitely see your ob/gyn, not just a pcp. If you have had a positive HPV test before, any red bump in the genital area is worth being checked.
Do you think it’s something serious? I’m getting scared, regardless I’m going to schedule an apt but is this a bad sign?
When the best description that can be given in words is basically "red bumps," there is just no way to diagnose how serious (or not) the bumps are.

But if you have had a positive diagnosis of HPV before from a doctor (and since you said "my HPV" above it sounds like you have), it's always worth checking out unusual bumps in the region. I would never put up with a pcp seeming to just shrug off the bumps because she didn't know what they were. You deserve to have HPV ruled in or out as a cause.

There are 100 or more different human papillomavirus varieties. Some are more serious and need to be monitored or even to have surgery as a result of their effect on the cervix, but others are not very serious. I think those that produce warts are of the less-serious variety. But the doctor is the person to tell you this.

When you see the ob/gyn,  be sure you discuss your previous HPV. Even if the bumps turn out to mean nothing, you deserve to know that for sure, from someone who can tell you what they are.
One other thing. If you have not ever gotten the HPV vaccine, ask your doctor for it. Though vaccines aren't cures, getting vaccinated can protect you from other HPV strains that you have not been exposed to yet. And don't let your doctor tell you that there is no point in having the vaccine once you have been sexually active because you will already have been exposed. There is some evidence that it can help people with existing cases as well. Not strong evidence and there is not a lot of research on that question, but see: https://www.livescience.com/52089-hpv-vaccine-warts-treatment.html.

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