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Scanty periods

I got my first periods at the age of 13. It was regular, lasted 6 days  and I didn't experience any cramps till the age of 17. Then gradually the bleeding decreased, lasted only 3 days and cramps also started. I am 26 now. My periods now last only for 2 days or a day, it is not even of sufficient quantity to soak a single sanitary pad. I had done blood tests for hormones and ultrasound scan. Everything was reported to be normal. I was trying to conceive for almost a year now. Recently I had a chemical pregnancy. Does it have anything to do with scanty periods?
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Hi.  There is something called 'hypomenorrhea.  This is exactly what you describe of scanty and light periods.  A short number of days involved as well.  This can really just be normal for a woman.  AND, they've found the incidence of infertility to be no greater with women with this than women with heavier, longer periods.  Since you've seen a doctor, I'm sure they ruled out the medical issues that are problematic that would cause your cycle pattern.  That's good.  Are you underweight at all?  Are you under great stress? Those can impact it as well.  I gained about 8 pounds when trying to conceive.  I was desperate to have a baby and had read along with a lot of other things that this can help. I don't know if it did, but not too long later, I did have my first pregnancy and another right after that.  Chemical pregnancies are incredibly (and sadly) common.  In the 'old' days, women never even knew they were pregnant, just thought they were having an irregular period.  But with testing these days, we know.  and it is still a loss, so I'm sorry you went through that.  One out of 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage.  That's a lot.  I would not let that this happened make you believe that you won't go on to have a healthy, full term pregnancy.  The statistics show you likely will.  Do you take your temperature?  I did this and it was the most helpful thing I did while trying to conceive.
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