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Seriously worried about pregnancy from traces of sperm on toilet sear

Im seriously worried ever since day 18 July. My period was on July 8 so im expecting it on 2-3 days.
Im on my early 20's, im a virgin, i never have been penetrated before, hymen intact.
I was working in a small store for 9 days, training, and there was only one bathroom, it was unisex, both men and women used the toilet, and i pee a lot, more than 20 times per day so i was going very often in all these 9 days. Im so afraid there was traces of sperms on the toilet, the man that works there is there has been 21 years so he has a certain type of authority and can do what he wants, he could pretty much lock the bathroom and jerk off for a few mins and then after i would go and pee, i didnt even use the toilet paper because i was already scared beforehand and that would be even more riskier. I know the vagina doesnt touches the seat, but the butt and thighs does, my concern was putting the panties up it rubbed agaisnt my thighs which could have transferred some semen to them then touching my vulva. And i was on my fertile period , it was in the middle of the month. It has been 9 days since i havent gone there anymore. But i have been having mild cramping on and off from day 30, a bit more than a week before my period is due, and i usually have crampings mostly 2-1 day before my period. I didnt get my period yet, i have also had watery discharge 3 days ago i even thought i got a earlier period :( then cramping thorough the day, mild cramping, then today 2-3 days before my AF is due i get nausea and brown spotting. Im so scared! So anxious! I havent been with no man. I have never been penetrated but this fear is taking over me.
Googling doesnt help at all as most people joke about it and my symptoms makes me think the worst :( i even get short of breath from the anxiety. Having a baby by leftover sperm on the toilet seat would destroy my life, my future, my worst nightmare, im so afraid he would also do that on purpose too put sperm on my purse, stuff, seat before i got in the bathroom :( im panicking!
I used to have PCOS years and years ago, i stayed 2 years without a period, was obese, male pattern hair growth etc but i got over it, lost a lot of weight and started eating right so i have become ferrile and had all my periods for 3 years straight. Im so concerned i have starting eating a lot of crappy processed carbs and trans fat again so i could get my PCOS back, yes it is this bad! Im really really at my wits end, so scared to death :(
If i only was taking a BCP, I wasnt because im a virgin and i lift weight and it would hamper my muscle growth so theres it. Now im suffering real badly :( its so real on my head!
I have read many articles about semen outside the body, etc and they say one hour, few hours and i have been after him in the bathroom in this ammount of time :( im very scared. If i were to put myself in a risky situation i would of have beem obviously at least taking birth control pills. But all i was doing was working, minding my own business, doing my necessities on the bathroom and now i realize how such a risk it was :( im panicked i really am! I have never suffered this much in all this year.
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That was really long.  Wow.  But all you need to know is that you can not get pregnant from this.  You have to have a penis in your vagina for pregnancy.  You are not pregnant.  You had no risk of pregnancy.  Not sure what garbage you are reading on the internet.  But getting pregnant is not done ever by wiping yourself with tp.  Seriously, not a risk.
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or from a toilet seat.  No, not possible.
Thank you for reading and for your reply, it is reassuring. I do have OCD and anxiety so that's why I'm like this.
But I just wonder what could have caused mild period cramps a week before my period and now when I'm 2 days away from it it has gone. When it should have gotten more severe. :(
I know it is low but there are pregnancy risks to girls being fingered with sperm on fingers, dry humping, touching privates because the sperm gets on the mucosa and swim to the vagina. None of these happened. Just sitting on a potential toilet seat with semen, for 9 days thorough the days. :(
Your stomach was cramping because anxiety manifests itself into physical symptoms. And when youre like us (Anxious Annies), we fixate upon things like hm....getting pregnant! Therefore willing our bodies to mimic or our minds to perceive, that those symptoms of pregnancy are an actual "threat". Which, is just aiding your anxiety in reinforcing that "PANICDANGERPANIC" response  that we all know & love.  The human body/mind is so powerful  that we ACTUALLY experience things that we just MAKE ourselves feel. If that makes sense. When I get like that ^^^^ and I feel my heart start to pound and I start diagnosing myself with my next "heart attack" ( & its with practice ) Just allow yourself to AT LEAST acknowledge that at LEAST half of whats going on is anxiety & that if you can just breathe & lower your heart rate ...you'll find that YES, we can work ourselves into  the worst of it but "WE BIRTHED THAT ANXIETY, AND WE CAN TAKE IT OUT."
That is good advice cvhenny.  AnxiousAnnies, ha.  I like it.  Have you found our anxiety forum yet or our Relationship forum? Come chat with us!
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If someone came on this site and told you that you are probably pregnant from peeing in the normal way when sitting on a toilet seat that was normal (not wet) you would tell them they were being ridiculous. Please don't believe your mind running a number on you. My guess is that at some level you didn't like having to share a unisex toilet, and so your mind ran with that discomfort and made up a much more colorful and interesting story to justify your discomfort. You don't have to believe everything your mind makes up. As someone once said, the mind produces thoughts like the gall bladder produces bile. You don't have to use it all.
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