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Sex 2 days before ovulation

I am trying to conceive. I am also taking Geritol. My ovulation app says I will ovulation today, Friday. However yesterday, which was Thursday, I got a very dark positive ovulation test, but I had sex the day before, which was Wednesday. What are the chances that the sperm from Wednesday will survive 2 days, until Friday to fertilize the egg?
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The chances the sperm will survive are pretty good. It was unprotected sex?

My doc told me to have sex every third day when we were trying to conceive. Sperm is said to live 4-6 days in the woman's body, so I can see why he told me that. Having sex every day is considered too often, because theoretically the guy's sperm count can go down. Having had sex one or two days prior is not too early. You're covered for several days.

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Great, I definitely hope I’ll get a positive pregnancy test soon. I also hope this geritol will aid in it also lol. I’ve heard there’s a baby in every bottle of it.
Well, your great-grandma believed that, anyway. :) Geritol is a vitamin tonic and iron supplement, and is useful for people with anemia. It hasn't been proven useful for conception, but except that it's an expensive way to get your vitamins, it's not going to hurt you.
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