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Sex hurts with my partner, and and my discharge is yellow, What does this mean?

Please help, I've been itchy for a couple of weeks and my discharge has been quite yellow, no foul smell at all. This morning my husband and I were trying to get intimate and when he tried to give me oral, he said I tasted slightly off but there was no smell. After that he tried to enter me and it hurt so much.... what on earth is going on with me?
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Hi there!  So, this is my guess.  You sound to have a yeast infection. This can happen to anyone.  Our ph can become unbalanced in our vagina and yeast overgrowth results.  Good times.  Itching, little bit thicker (sometimes) discharge (but not always as I had thin discharge and a yeast infection before), some irritation, are hallmark signs.  That it doesn't smell fits as well.  When it smells, it is normally bacterial and that requires antibiotics. This just requires yeast treatment.  You have two options.  You can try to see your doctor and get swabbed to confirm and a prescription given of Diflucan which is a pill you take.  Or maybe your doctor would prescribe it off your description since it's a harder time to go to the doctor's office right now (and really, who wants to with the virus thing all over).  The other option is to get to a drug store and buy some monostat.  I use the monostat one day ovule.  Follow the directions exactly.  It worked for me.  I also use the vagisil wipes during that same time.  If you use the one day ovule, you'll insert it before bed and then wear a pad just in case.  It works over night.  It takes a couple of days but I was good as new after.  That product is OTC.  Let me know what you think!
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