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Sex with a double uterus and double cervix

I am 19 years old and was recently told by my obgyn that I have a rare condition where I have 2 uteruses and 2 cervixes (I forget the medical name).  I am wondering if this will affect my sex life, will sex still be pleasurable? I am going to see a specialist soon, but I am anxious to know.
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It won't.  I once was told by an ultrasonographer about a patient who also had two vaginas (along with a double set of uteruses), and that would be an interesting question (at least it was to me, what did it say about her sex life, did she have to choose which one to use?)

But two uteruses and two cervixes (which basically means that you have two whole uteruses, not one heart-shaped affair with two chambers that joins at the bottom) is still not going to affect where he "puts it" and where your clitoris is, which of course is the seat of a whole lot of your sexual pleasure.  The only issue you might have is if your partner's penis is long enough to bump either cervix.  In other words, if maybe one or the other is more forward in your vagina.

Sounds pretty cool!  You'll certainly have plenty of room if you happen to get pregnant with (fraternal) twins.
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I have two cervix's and a uterus with a wall down the middle (there isnt many of us around) and its hard to find out any answer on the net, I just happened to stumble upon this one.
I know of two other women with this condition.
During sex i found it a bit painful (depending on the length of shaft) because it would hit up again it, but sex is just as enjoyable anyways. When you go for a pap test always make sure to tell them you have two cervix's ok ... this way they can swab both of them, I had this happen to me and they were only swabbing one of them( my doctor didnt write it down on the pap test referral) and they need to do both cervix's.
As for getting pregnant it was a little more difficult carrying full term, the specialists told me that each time I get pregnant I carry twins one on each side of the uterus. The first pregnancy I had the baby kicked a whole through the wall (i know sounds unreal) but I could feel when he when through and then took up the whole uterus, until he did that I carried very funny (lopsided) although there was another sack on the other side that one ended up miscarriaging and then the other one followed. I miscarried 4 times and almost gave up. But I tried one more time and carried my son to full term of which they didnt think I could and that was the one time the other sack or baby didnt show up on the other side. If ever you want to talk about it more leave me a message I would be glad to share any information that might help.
P.S. they gave me steriod shots each month until i delivered because they were sure I wasnt going to carry full term and they wanted him developed more.
Good luck
I, too, have a double cervix and double uterus - found this out during my first pregnancy at age 19.  I had no problem at all conceiving and I had three children, two of which I carried within the right uterus (full term) and the third carried in my left uterus (carried this pregnancy almost to term - 8 months).    Both cervix are still intact and did not split during any of my deliveries.   I have never had pain or trouble associated with this condition other than having my periods every 3 weeks instead of the usual four.  I was 40 or 41 when I completed menopause without any issues.     I hope you are as fortunate as I have been.  I am now 69 years old and have experienced no problem at all during my lifetime due to this unusual condition.
Well that's really good to know and I'm glad you didn't have any issues Minga!  I think it can be different for different people but you are a good situation for those who find this out about themselves to remember.  thanks for sharing.
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I just found out today that I have exactly what you have I have two unteruses and two cervix's and I also have tissue that comes down inbetween half of my vagina.  I always wonder why it hurt sometimes to have sex.  I actually almost hemmoraged from it taring that was scary but im glad I know what is going on down there now!  Your infomation helped out a lot.  Thanks!
What did you do about the pain during sex BC of the tissue that comes down your vagina? It hurts pretty much every time I try to have sex how do I stop the pain during sex??
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