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Sharp pain after sex, with temporary blindness

After my husband and I had sex, I got very sharp pains.  I went to the bathroom and while on the toilet things started going black.  I walked back to the bed and could not see as I got back to the bed my vision came back.  Then my ears started ringing.  I was breaking out into a cold sweat and then started breating very shallow.
Later I asked my husband if he could check my cervix to see if that had been the cause of the pain and I didn't have any pain, but he did say that he felt a bump.
What could be going on?
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You might have had a migraine.  Check with your doctor.  Good luck!!!
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Have you had a papsmear lately?  and if you are experiencing blindness after sex is because you might not be eating right and your sugar is really low, especially after a work out such as sex.
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You either got hypotensive or hypoglycemic, that would be my best guess.  You should definately see your doctor to get this checked out.  Some heart conditions can present this way.

Could be nothing, but better to get it checked out.  
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Thank you all!  I do suffer from Migraines, but at the time (first thing in the morning) I hadn't had one.  I know that after sex, blood rushes away from certain areas to rush to others....., so I don't know if the blood was rushing to my head or what, either way, very bizarre and very scary!
I called my OB/GYN today and actually got an appt this afternoon :)  My husband and I are going to start trying for baby #2 soon, and I will feel better knowing that there are no problems.

Take care,
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i know this is kind of late...i just joined this morning because lastnight, after sex, i experienced very sharp pain which i would rate as maybe 7 on the scale. it freaked me out because this happened about 4 yrs ago, and the author of this thread described exactly what happened to me. however, when i almost passed out in the bathroom, i went to my boyfriend and had him take me to the emergency room. i thought for awhile that i just had to have a bowel movement, because the cramps felt like gas cramps, the worst ones i'd ever had... but when i went to the hospital, i blacked out and threw up and they admitted me and did all kinds of tests and couldn't find out the problem, but they knew i had lost alot of blood. i had an ovarian cyst rupture and hemorrhage inside my body, and it was almost impossible for them to figure that out!! i spent the whole next day and night in the hospital...anyway, maybe that is what happened to Momon11504. i want to know what happened to me, lastnight!!! the pain has since subsided but man, that was scary.
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