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Shooting pain in breast and ribs

Not sure if this is the right community, but here goes. A couple of weeks ago I spent the morning moving framed artwork from room to room, some of it heavy with a lot of stretching involved. At lunch break I noticed a burning sharp pain on under side of left breast that went down and across left ribs and even down into left side of upper abdomen. Later that night after removing bra and lying on sofa ro read before bed had sudden shooting burning pain in same areas. only much worse. Never felt anything like it. Had me jumping up going into panic mode. After my husband made me breath into a bag, haha, the pain started to settle down, I put my bra back on and calmed down. I did go to my old school chiropracter who tried to explain spine, tissue, nerves, etc. I do feel better, but I still have a little burning sensation in left breast, and an itchy burn in ribs. Most bothersome is ossasional needle stick pain in breast when leaning to left. Don't tell me to go to doc, my deductible is 4,300.00, on early social security due to job loss and a couple years away from medicare. Obama care *****! Anyone know how to deal with this and how long it might last?
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Hi, what your describing could be part of your inner organs or skin got caught on your rib bones.This has happened to me a few times in my life and is a truely weird feeling much like your describing. If this is whats happening, strectching and moving to  release it will make it go away..
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Hmmmm, that's interesting. Thanks for responding. Not many people bother. At age 63 I definitely don't like strange new pains! I will start out gently taking your suggestion and wait n see.
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Hi there.  Well, I'm going to tell you to go the doctor.  :>)  But that is really best.  I know your deductible is high but an office visit doesn't mean it will be that amount.  Right?  

If you aren't going to the doctor, then I suggest stretching.  Sounds crazy but it is amazing at what all that seems to help.

good luck
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Please go and see a doctor ASAP. In 2008, I had shooting pains in one of my breasts and it turned out to be an aggressive breast cancer.

I know it's potentially terrifying, but if it is cancer it's BEST TREATED EARLY.

Good Luck to you. <3
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