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Should I be worried about my IUD?

I've had a Mirena for a little over a year now, and about a week or two ago, I realized I was having some cramping in my lower abdomen. (For well over 6 months, I have been having reoccurring vaginal yeast that is between bacteria and yeast with occurances around period time). I ignored the pain a while, and ignored a yellowish discharge that occured along with the pain. About three days ago, I checked for my Mirena strings, and found that they are gone. Last known time they were there was beginning of November. I've taken a pregnancy test which was negative, but I still don't feel the strings, the pain comes and goes now everyday, and the discharge is now reaching my panties. I am scared and dont know what to do.

Also, my health insurance stopped in the beginning of November, and searching for a new plan now.
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Hello and welcome. Don't be scared hon.  Just get looked at.  If you live in the US, you can go to a planned parenthood clinic or any woman's clinic in your area.  You can go to urgent care and be self pay.  They know that many are 'in between' insurance and can provide care and can check your IUD.
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