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Simple hyperplasia without atypical

Hello friends,
Finally I did d&c and polypectomy. And did biopsy also . Now result says I have simple hyperplasia without atypical. Should I be worried? Is it really gonna be cancer? Is it very worrying diagnosis? Please help me .
Thank you all
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Simple hyperplasia without atypia is the mildest form and very treatable / curable so no need to worry. Monitoring / "expectant management" or a progestin medication is the recommended course of action.

Are your periods irregular? Irregular periods such as are common during perimenopause or for women with PCOS, for example, can cause a build up of the uterine lining which can then cause hyperplasia.
Is hyperplasia cancer?
No, it is not cancer. It is abnormal cells that have the potential to become cancer. However, yours is SIMPLE and WITHOUT ATYPIA which can be treated / cured with medication (progesterone) or may even go away on its own without any treatment.

Your doctor should have explained all this. Unfortunately, many do not and women end up with an irrational unnecessary fear of cancer. What did your doctor tell you?
She said I have to have IUD .  I soo stressed .
There are oral (pill form) progestogen medications (e.g. Provera) that are also very effective. IUD's are just a different way of getting the progestogen medication. But the insertion and removal fees can make them expensive plus there are risks you don't have with a pill.

You could tell her you want to try the pill form first. According to the first half of page 3 of this document - https://www.rcog.org.uk/globalassets/documents/guidelines/green-top-guidelines/gtg_67_endometrial_hyperplasia.pdf - the medication would be 10–20 mg/day of medroxyprogesterone or 10–15 mg/day of norethisterone. You could show her this to make your case.

If she is not willing to prescribe the medication and that is your preference, you could get a copy of your records (especially the biopsy they did to diagnose the hyperplasia) and take them to another doctor (it wouldn't have to be a gyn).

I hope this helps!
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