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Small ball next to clitoris

i have this bal shaped form thing next to my clit. I dont know what it is and im scared to ask my mom about it. It doesnt hurt at al but when i get aroused it grows into a bigger bal and when i calmed down it looks like it disappeared. Please help me. If you have any questions for me so you can identify what this may be and how to get rid of it please ask me anything.
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Is it shaped like the eraser on the end of a pencil? Or is the word 'bal' meaning ball shaped, like, a gumball or marble?
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Its kind of like an oval when i looked again and when it grows bigger it looks more like a bal.
You are sure it only happens when you're aroused? Because that's what the clitoris does. It feels like a button or a pencil eraser when you're aroused, and goes away when you're not. It acts like a tiny erection.

But if you are sure you know where your clitoris is and that this oval thing is not your clitoris, then there's a possibility that it's a blocked tube in that region. There are glands in the area that carry lubricating fluids, and they have tiny tubes, that sometimes get blocked. (With a magnifying mirror, a woman can often see two tiny tube openings on either side of the clitoris.)

Here's a link to the Mayo Clinic's page about what happens when these tubes get a cyst. This is about the Bartholin's gland, which is thought to provide lubrication to the vagina. If this doesn't seem like it, you could also look up the Skene's gland, which provides a similar service to the urethra. But I think a Skene's gland cyst would be more painful than you're describing, and the placement sounds more like a Bartholin's cyst.

Thank you for your help but none of them really look like the problem that i have. I know for a fact that its not my clitoris and its like right next to it not anywhere under. Is there maybe a way that i can show you or cant you help?
If it's a visible bump, it is probably some kind of cyst. The puzzling part is why it would come and go. Probably it's best to see an ob/gyn.
Also, you said you are scared to ask your mom about it. She should be able to handle making you an appointment with an ob/gyn; that is the kind of doctor you will continue to use (as a female patient) all the rest of your life. If you can't manage to tell her that there is a lump in your vaginal lips, you could just say you have a urinary tract infection or whatever else will get you to the doctor without embarrassing you. She (your mom) is actually not allowed to be with you in the exam room if you request her not to be, so you can talk with the doctor in privacy.
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