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Spotting before and after period, which isn't normal for me.

I usually spot 2 to 3 days before my period. However this month I spotted for 4 days, it stopped for one day, then spotted for another day before coming on like usual. My period was on for the normal 5 days but now on day 6 I'm back to light pink spotting. Usually my period ends on day 5. So is this an early miscarriage or a sign of something worse?
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I normally spot, have my period and spot on the last few days and a normal period can last up to 7 days.  Are you outside of that?  But since it is new for you, then why not have a pelvic exam and discussion with your doctor?  

Normally, you can get an accurate pregnancy test 2.5 weeks after your last unprotected sex.  Are you trying to conceive and that is why you started having unprotected sex?  
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Your post is confusing.  Do you have reason to believe you're pregnant?

All this spotting,  rather than a usual 5 day flow is concerning.  Do you have a regular doctor?
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I started having unprotected sex a few weeks ago, so that is why I thought I might be pregnant and it may be an early miscarriage.  From researching my symptoms I read that if I continue to spot for 2 to 3 weeks to go to a doctor because it might be something severe. So I haven't made an appointment with my doctor yet.
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