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Sudden shortness of breath before period..

Sudden shortness of breath before period.. this is the first time that it happened to me.. I am a mother of 2.. feels like I ran for 5 kilometers.. my OB prescribed montelukast ang salbutamol but i think it is not doing anything.. I am like this for a week now..
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Are you in an area where there is Covid-19? While a lot of women do experience shortness of breath before their periods come (apparently related to progesterone, or to hormonal action in general), with the coronavirus outbreak I would want to be checked for unexpected shortness of breath. It might be merely a coincidence that it's before your period. (Especially since it has never happened before.)
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We hear shortness of breath and we think covid-19 but in general, you would likely have the hallmark symptoms if that were the case of cough and fever.  Do you have those?  Now, some women get shortness of breath due to hormonal changes too.  Here's an article.   https://www.healthline.com/health/shortness-of-breath-early-pregnancy  Any chance you're pregnant?  It can be an early sign of pregnancy too. https://consumer.healthday.com/respiratory-and-allergy-information-2/asthma-news-47/women-s-respiratory-symptoms-may-vary-with-menstrual-cycle-670473.html  That is the notes from a seminar that talks about how our breathing can change due to hormonal fluctuations.  So, if you get other symptoms, do see your doctor or touch base with them for guidance but otherwise, it might be these types of breathing changes.
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I’ve been dealing with shortness of breath and dizziness since March of 2020 as well. All year I’ve been in and out of doctors... primary care physician, ears/nose/throat specialist, Gastroenterologist, pulmonary doctor, endocrinologist... (i don’t have a thyroid so I thought maybe the dizziness and shortness of breath had something to do with my levels.... all the scans, procedures, blood work all show that I’m normal. One doctor told me it was due to anxiety but... I’m not usually one who struggles with anxiety. I told him that of course he’s going to see me as anxious because it’s been months of this...

I remember when it all started... I woke one night to everything spinning and that lasted for 5 days... spinning non stop. That same night I also had unbearable nausea and diarrhea, but never vomited. I never had a fever or cough but I did also deal with ear pain & the worst fatigue I ever faced. Dealing with thyroid  cancer was a walk in the park compared to this. About a week after this all happened, the shortness of breath came. And it’s been one tiring year. I never had a covid test because the doctors were testing only health care workers at the time this all started. Fast forward to about 10 months... two doctors think I either dealt with covid or some KIND of virus that’s still wreaking havoc on my system and causing these chronic issues. One doctor thinks I’m now struggling with vestibular migraines because all my symptoms point to that as well... but I’ve noticed these last few months that the shortness of breath always  peaks up about 7-10 days before menstruating... I’ve been reading how others also experienced this. So how do we address this and help ourselves heal and recover from it?
I would be in favor of the assessment done by the doctor that it's vestibular, and if he thinks migraine-related that would connect with the idea of it being hormone-related as well, because a lot of women get migraines in synch with their cycles. My mom used to get the vestibular thing with dizziness that is handled by positioning your head in a certain way and then another and another, and my dad used to get migraines that had no headache, but caused him to have his vision temporarily shut down. These things are all weird. I guess it's even possible that a virus would start things up. Sorry that you're not getting more definitive help, but I think that the doc talking vestibular migraines might be the one to trust most.

When I used to get a certain kind of headache, my nurse practitioner recommend magnesium and vitamin B2 (taken for three months, don't give up too soon). I found it very helpful, and when we were chatting later, she said it's a formula for heading off migraines. Maybe (since it's not harmful), you could try it. If you do, start with a half of a pill of the magnesium, because it can give people the runs if they begin with a full dose.

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