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Taking Monistat while all cleared

I got my first yeast infection Friday Night. I went to the obgyn just to confirm, as I have never had one before. I went to the obgyn Tuesday (he didnt even look at the vagina, just based on my description, he said its defintely a yeast infection)  and he prescribed me the oral pill, which i didnt take because i have to take a pregnancy test first just to be sure. I bought monistat 7 but to my surprise when I got home i was discharge and itch free (since monday night) and the little bit of residual yeast i was able to see was all cleared. But i decided to still start monistat. I am now on day 2 and im wondering was it okay that I took the medicine although I essentially no longer had the yeast infection?
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Don't take an antifungal if you don't have a yeast infection. I'd stop taking it. Call your doc and make sure this is correct.
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