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Throbbing Urethra, Dull Pain Left Lower Abdomen

A week ago I was having blood in my urine, burning urination, and urgency. I went to urgent care, was diagnosed with a UTI, and put on a week of antibiotics, which I completed according to directions. Now, whenever I urinate it doesn't sting, I don't have urgency, but it feels like my urethra is throbbing for a few seconds. I do get UTIs fairly often (a few times a year) but this doesn't feel like a UTI. I have a fairly new partner, but he had not been sexually active for over a year before we started seeing each other and I had previously only had unprotected sex with a partner I believed to be clean. I feel like the antibiotics would have taken care of any STI anyway, even if that was the case.
I'm also getting semi-conostant dull pain in my lower left back and abdomen. I went to my OB and he had internal and external ultrasounds done and said that everything looked okay, except that my IUD was partially coming out, so I had that removed. I'm still having the pain though, so I don't know what to think.

I am unsure as to what either of these are, and having visited two different doctors and still having issues, I'm frustrated. Do these symptoms sound serious?
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