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Too young for all these things??? :(

Im 25 and mother of 2 children. I have severe mood issues, weight gain i cant stop, and I'm having these constant vaginal tears that are driving me absolutely crazy... not to mention the constant Yeast/Bacterial infections i can't seem to get rid of. I need help or advise or something.
My Dr says the tears are from yeast/stress... I've been treated for that over 2 dozen times in last 2 yrs. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!

Also the corners of my mouth keep getting little splits in them...
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Hi there.  Well, this is a little too much info about me but -------- I also had a period of time that seemed like it was going to go on forever in which I had bacterial vaginosis.  We finally treated my husband as well with the medication at the same time I took it.  It seemed to eventually work.  

I also think that your description of moodiness and weight gain is something to think about too.  Could you have a hormonal imbalance?  I'd talk to your doctor about this.  The other thing that comes to mind is a low level of depression.  How is your thyroid?  Depression/anxiety and thyroid problems are often interrelated.  And of course, thyroid plays a key role in hormones.  I really wonder if something isn't going on in this area for you.  Something to talk to your doctor about.  good luck
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There are dietary things you can do to control the yeast infections.  It's not really recognized much in conventional medicine, so I would recommend seeing a naturopath.  You should be able to find one that works on a sliding fee schedule.

If you're taking antidepressants and anti-anxiety medicines, don't stop without consulting a doctor.  Dietary changes can still be done while still taking these medications.

It won't be the only thing a naturopath suggests, but it is the biggest one:  You will have to actually stop eating all obvious sugars, all high glycemic vegetables (such as carrots and potatoes) and all grain.  The other obvious thing to stop eating, if you haven't done so already, is all mushrooms, since mushrooms are an edible type of fungi.  They are still fungi, though.  Dairy has natural sugars, so dairy will be out for now.

You really have to see a naturopath to get better information than just this information, though.

Natural medicine says you are dealing with systemic Candidas.  Conventional medicine won't recognize this until you are flat in bed in a hospital and almost dead from the infection.  Natural medicine says that you have to stop feeding the Candidas.  Candidas is the kind of yeast that women get too much of in the vagina, but anyone can get a systemic yeast infection, including men.

You will definitely need to eat plenty of lean meat protein while on this Candidas diet.

Again, this isn't the complete information.  I don't really know the complete information, so you will definitely need to consult a naturopath to get the complete information.  This diet isn't easy at all, which is another reason to consult a naturopath.  

I do know a man who had to go on this diet for several weeks to kill Candidas.  It was hard, but it did work.
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Has your doctor done any blood tests? What is your diet like?

Tears in the corners of your mouth sound like chapping which is often from fluid deficit...try drinking more water.
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