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UTI Symptoms, Urine Culture Negative

I recently had symptoms of a UTI.  Went to my urogynecologist and had a urinalysis done.  Results showed no infection.  Leukocytes and WBC was slightly elevated but no bacteria found.  So the doctor's office told me I could wait a few days to see if my symptoms subside, and if not, to call them back early next week.  My symptoms have decreased considerably but the home test says I still have infection.  Has anyone ever used D-Mannose for a UTI?  I have read that it is very good and will resolve UTI problems.  Any comments or advise would be greatly appreciated.  The nurse at my urogyne's office said that is symptoms don't subside they would have to take a urine sample thru use of a catheter.  Unfortunately, every time they do that, I seem to get a UTI.
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Are you sexually active? Could you be at risk for an STD? Chlamydia and gonorrhea can give similar symptoms to a UTI.

I wouldn't treat at home if no bacteria was found.

Holding urine can also cause leukocytes to be elevated, as can other things, though they are more serious and you don't mention exactly what your symptoms were - https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/314165.php

It sounds like you've been through this before if you're getting urine samples taken through a cath. Has anyone ever mentioned interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome? https://www.urologyhealth.org/urologic-conditions/interstitial-cystitis
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Thanks for your reply.  No I am not sexually active.  I had rectocele surgery on August 5th and developed a UTI about 3 weeks later and it had to be resolved with medication.  I had the same symptoms as I have in the past, urgency, pain with urination, so that is why I called the doctor's office, figuring it came back.  But I was wrong.  They are telling me it is probably OAB.  I didn't know OAB could cause pain upon urination but the nurse said it can.  Anyways, I will keep flushing things out with water over the weekend and see what happens next week.  I believe some of this comes from the fact that I had the surgery and recovering is a little harder since I am now 63 years old and have had breast cancer in the past.  During that ordeal, they stripped my body of estrogen because my cancer was estrogen fed.  The doctor said that had a lot to do with the surgery she performed.  Being a woman, in general, is tough.  Thanks again for your reply.
I had to stop estrogen production years ago due to endometriosis. It messes up your body in ways I don't think we'll ever fully understand.

OAB is similar to bladder pain syndrome. You can also get a UTI after having a catheter, which is probably what happened with your recent UTI.

You've sure been through it, and I hope your body calms down for you. Being a woman often isn't easy. :(

Well I made an appt with my doctor's office and went back yesterday because I am experiencing all the symptoms of a UTI.  I never get to see the actual physician that did my surgery.  I always get one of her PA's.  Yesterday the PA insisted that they needed to take a urine sample directly from my bladder so she did it with a catheter.  I told her I am prone to UTI's when a catheter is used.  She said this was the only way to definitely find out if there is an infection or not.  After I got home, I suffered excruciating pain for the rest of the evening.  I even took a 800 mg tablet of Ibuprofen that I had left over from my previous surgery.  It barely took the edge off the pain.  This morning the pain is tolerable but what the heck is going on?  I never had any of this before my rectocele surgery.  In fact, I did this surgery because I was getting UTI's pretty often and they said this would stop them.  So much for that!  The urine culture won't be available for 2 days, which means I won't hear from them until next Monday.  I can't imagine going thru the entire weekend with this kind of pain.  Then I thought, maybe its the acacia Senegal powder that I started about a month ago for constipation.  Could that be causing my inflammation?  So I decided this morning to cut it out for the next week and see if the inflammation improves.  I have weird reactions from antibiotics, so it wouldn't surprise me if I am allergic to this stuff too and that is where my symptoms are coming from.  I would like to know if anyone, who has had this kind of operation, had any of the same experiences.  Any suggestions for improving this pain would be greatly appreciated.
You know, I don't think that sounds quite right.  Really, I've had a negative uti test that turned positive with the second test they do on the same urine sample.  I have never heard of having to cath you in order to get a urine sample to test it.  But I'm not a doctor so I guess you have to trust what they are telling you.  Stinks though.  I had a negative test and my doctor went ahead and treated with cipro and it was two days later that they called that the results turned positive over time.  They do normally test urine two times because of this a day or so apart.  Could that be going?  Do they retest the original urine culture to see if bacteria ended up growing?  
All I know that they do is do the dip stick right there in the office to see if you have any leukocytes in your urine, which mine was just a 1.  Then they send the rest to the lab and do the culture which takes at least 2 days to grow the bacteria, if there is any.  So here I wait until Monday for results.  I hope this is a definitive answer so I can get on with life.  I just want answers.  I had none of these symptoms prior to surgery, so why now????  I am just so frustrated.  Thanks for responding specialmom!
Sweetie, I don't blame you.  For real, why does it have to be so hard.  Please let us know.  Does the tab they give to help with UTI symptoms help you at all?  Did they offer that?  I can look at my file to see what it is called if you don't know what I'm talking about.  It turns your urine kind or orangish, very noticeable.
Told me to take Azo so I did.  Am doing much better tonight.   Can’t wait to hear from the doctor’s office tomorrow.
Doing much better?  Great! I'm glad to hear it!
Urologists love to use caths for urine tests. It helps not have any contamination from skin, etc.

It's not totally necessary, especially when you're so prone to UTIs from caths, but it does help testing in some cases.

You should get your results today. Let us know what happens. I'm glad you're feeling better!
I got my results back today and it was negative.  I do not have a UTI.  But over the weekend I was thinking about if I had added anything new to my daily supplements in the past month and a half.  After rectocele surgery, they do not want you straining for bowel movements so they give you a stool softener.  I have IBS so its not a good thing to be taking them.  I decided 2 weeks after my surgery to try a natural fiber supplement.  I ok'd it with the nurse at my doctor's office before starting it.  So I thought maybe this fiber is causing me to have pain when urinating and feeling like my bladder was inflamed.  I stopped taking the fiber supplement on Saturday and today I don't have any of those symptoms anymore.   No pain upon urination and no burning either.  I had no idea something like that could affect my bladder, but I guess it did.  I will have to find another brand of fiber that will work for me.  I assume that was an allergic reaction.  I am just glad my results were negative and I can relax now.  Thank you all for your replies.  It truly helps to hear from other people when you don't know which way to turn or what to do and your frantic.  Thanks so very much.
Oh that's really interesting. Which fiber supplement do you use?

Glad to hear you didn't have an infection, and feel better now. :)
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