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UTI or something else??

Back in Feb I went into acute renal failure due to diuretics to treat a heart issue. At the time my gfr was 14. It has since improved as it is now at 60. But since then I have had quite a bit of microscopic hematuria. Protein and RBC. After a couple different urine cultures, my dr has decided I need to be referred to a nuphrologist for a kidney biopsy. My most recent culture did show 3+ bacteria and 9 hpf wbc with 3+ blood and 2.0 urobilnohen and large amount of mucous and 6 cast, hyaline. Now to me it looks like a UTI. But it also shows no growth. How can there be bacteria in there with no growth???
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Hi, and sorry you have had all these problems. Are you feeling the same or better? You can have a lot of bacteria but if you don't have many WBC then it may not be an infection or the urine sample was contaminated. If you still have symptoms then you may want to ask the doctor if you should collect another sample. If you had numerous WBC and/or you have nitrates positive or leukocyte esterase positive it probably is an infection . I would go by your symptoms and if you still have the problem then see if you can re-collect another sample. They won't do anything if there are 3 or more types of large numbers of bacteria in the sample. They will consider it mixed bacterial "flora" or a contaminated sample.
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