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Unable to obtain pleasure from clitoris, help?

I have an almost non-existent clit (it's almost like a pit where the protruding clitoris should be) and a small clitoral hood. I have been watching porn regularly for years now and I very much enjoy it but have little to no sexual drive. When the glans part of the clitoris does go erect (due to unknown reasons?), i can get some pleasure for around 5 seconds stimulating through the hood, and then it just feels like any other bit of skin on my body. Absolutely nothing! I've also tried g-spot stimulation but it just feels like i have to pee. I absomutely don't mind (prefer) being on the giving side only,but I'm not sure my future partner will like that. What now?
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The only suggestion I can offer is to read the material put out by Daughters of Eve and similar organizations. They are devoted to helping girls who suffered genital mutilation, and they say orgasms can still be had without having a clitoris at all. Since you still have a clitoris, you are in a better position physically than the women they are advising. It seems like if they can do it, you can do it. Anyway, their information or links to information might be helpful.
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Gosh, I'm sorry to hear about this.  Were you born this way or was there a procedure in our very baby years creating it?  I know more and more locations are outlawing such surgery and don't understand it myself.  Agree to look at the website Anniebrooke suggests. Your ob/gyn may have suggestions as well.  This link has descriptions of different types of orgasms (who knew).  https://www.healthline.com/health/healthy-sex/types-of-orgasms#types-of-orgasms  You can have vaginal orgasms still?  Regardless, good communication with your partner is always key.  
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Fortunately, i didn't undergo a procedure or anything! I'm assuming the underdevelopment might be due to hormone issues as my breasts didn't quite develop much either... I hope I can figure something out for myself! Thanks for the reply.
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