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Uncommon health issues after starting period for the first time

My daughter started her period for the first time in late August last year.   She's 13.  The first couple months were irregular, not surprising, but things leveled out the third or fourth month.  Since then, she's complained of being thirsty all the time, headaches, and feeling tired.  She drinks a lot of water!  Her doctor did blood work and has ruled out diabetes and anemia.  Her platelets were a little high so we did lab again, still a little high.  We're supposed to have more blood work in the next few weeks, but her doctor has advised against it while the whole virus thing is going on.  Her doctor is not worried, but I can't help but be.  She tells me several times a day that she doesn't feel good and now she says she feels dizzy, too.  Has anyone else seen or heard of the symptoms in a teenager girl?  
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How did the doctor rule out diabetes? Did he have her fast, then go to the lab, where they had her drink a sugared drink and wait an hour, then give blood?  
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Hi there.  What about her blood sugar?  How regularly is she eating? She using anything with caffeine? Sure she isn't vaping or anything like that?  How is her general nutrition and sleep?  I'm glad she isn't diabetic or anemic but understand your concerns.  Has there been any update?  
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