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Undiagnosed back/flank and pelvic pain

Hi everyone! I'm 42 and have had a few bladder and kidney infections in my life.
Last year I had to see a Urologist because of undiagnosed bladder and kidney pain, which was apparently triggered by too many antibiotics (to make a long story short.)  Stopping the antibiotics solved my issues.

I had to get on antibiotics last month for an eye infection, and I started to get flank and pelvic pain again.. My Dr. advised me I could stop the antibiotic so I did, and I was better within 2 days. (Note I was taking probiotics.)

A month later and I start having flank pain again. It feels like a dull ache and my entire low back hurts. I assumed this was my kidney based on the pain I've had before during my previous kidney infections.
A few days later, my bladder (or pelvic area) started to hurt. I went to urgent care, they tested my blood and urine.. everything is perfect.

So I made an appt with my urologist and she is basically saying I am fine, and I may need physical therapy. I am 42, I know my body pretty well at this point and I can tell you this is not something PT will solve.
My right flank, lower back, and pelvic area hurts.  I can't exercise and I don't want to do anything. Advil does nothing for me.

I am a very healthy individual. I drink a gallon of water daily, I was working out 5 days a week for an hour, I eat healthy, I've never had anything major wrong with me.  

I am making an appt with my regular Doctor, but in the meantime, any idea what this could be? I was sure my bladder hurts but now I'm wondering, maybe its my uterus? Ovary? It's more on the left side and down pretty low.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my issue :)

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If you think it's your uterus, possibilities that occur to me are uterine scarring from the ablation or endometriosis that is not gone. Ask your doc if you can get an MRI of your uterine area, or even your whole abdomen. Scar tissue can cause dull aches that are constant.
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I also have Adenomyosis, maybe the endo ablation paired with that is causing some type of issue. Good idea asking for an MRI of it all, I'd rather get it all looked at in one swoop! Thank you!
I was delighted with the level of detail from an abdominal MRI when I had one. Do your best to persuade the doc. They show things that can't be seen any other way.
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Hi.  Well, first, let me say I feel your pain for antibiotic gut side effects.  Lordy, I killed my gut flora and am having a heck of a time recovering it.  I was on antibiotics for two weeks straight for a tooth issue and am paying a heavy price although I'm getting slim fast.  ha ha. Keeping it sunny as weight loss is not a bad thing for me.  BUT, you sound like your situation is a bit different.  I am glad you take probiotics which help.  Do you think the antibiotics could impact this at all?  

You do indeed sound extremely healthy.  This flank and low back pain is causing so much discomfort that you can't exercise?  This is due to the pain or fatigue?  

Right flank, lower back pain is often associated with dehydration which couldn't be the case for you drinking a gallon of water!  Holy moly, that's a lot of water.  

The pain is lower. My understanding is that kidney pain is going to be higher.  Deeper.  Constant.  Do you have any intermittent time of no pain?  There is no way this is related to your musculature system? Things like degenerative disc disease or osteoarthrtis of the spine can cause flank pain in the area you have but you'd think ibuprofen would help that.  

You saw a urologist so I'd imagine they would rule out kidney stones which is another thought.  Gallstones is another thought.

When is the last time you had a pelvic exam?
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Thank you for your response!
Yes, my back/pelvic pain is just causing me to not want to exercise. I haven't actually tried yet. I do pretty intense workouts and that sounds terrible right now haha!

The Urologist isn't confident she will find anything since last year when I saw her and was having these issues (when I was on antibiotics) we did a bunch of tests and found nothing. She gave me a list of foods that can inflame the bladder, and told me I may need Physical Therapy. As a precaution she is doing an ultrasound on my kidneys & bladder just to make sure. I can't same I'm confident in her either.

For now though, I've made an appt with my OB. The back pain may NOT be my kidney.. I just feel like it is based on other kidney issues I've had in past. It's very deep, dull, and it never gets better or worse no matter what I do. The pelvic pain is on and off throughout the day.

My last pelvic exam was 2 years ago I think? I have had endometrial ablation though, and I haven't had one since then, and my periods are more painful. So I am thinking maybe I am not feeling kidney pain and its associated with my pelvis, causing my low back to hurt.

Just sucks. All of these appointments take so long and I just want to feel better!!

You know, ovarian cysts happen too.  That will be something for the ob/gyn to check.  I think the ob will be good to rule anything like that out.  I want you to feel better too, sweetie!
You are so sweet, thank you!
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