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Unusual Period Explanations

Hello, I currently am experiencing a very unusual period and am wondering if there could a medical issue behind it. I am typically very normal with my period. I get it every 28 days and it lasts about 5 days each time. However, I recently had unprotected sex right around my "fertile" window and got my period about 5 days later -- this was 10-11 days before I am normally scheduled to get it. Not only that, but it has lasted over 8 days and doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon. It isn't necessarily a heavy period, but I definitely need to wear a pad and have had some blood clots like I normally would.
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Hi, you might have a fibroid.
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Ya, that is a period outside of normal in terms of how many days it has lasted. Anything longer than 7 days is too long. Agree that you should be evaluated for fibroids possibly, you could have a bit too thick of a uterine lining which also would need to be determined if you do or a hormone issue like too much progesterone, etc.  When is the last time you have seen an ob/gyn?  Oh, and are you sexually active?  
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