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Urethral Tearing?

Between early August and early October I was sleeping with an above average guy (10.5...yeah) and he wasn't big on foreplay. The majority of the time it was last minute and I wasn't wet, so there was usually a bit of blood, UTI's and soreness afterwards. During the last time with him I was on my period (at the end), and it was heavy and didn't stop for 2 months. I went to the obgyn and had all the STD tests, **returned negative**, and showed no signs as to why I was bleeding, no swelling or redness or discharge other than blood. After the bleeding stopped early December, I was checking down there and noticed my urethra was open a lot more than normal. It went from barely being able to feel the hole, to almost being able to push the tip of my pinkie finger in there. I hadn't been sexually active since him, didn't use tampons or insert anything, and haven't done anything that would cause that...
I'm not sure the bleeding is related (it wasn't period blood, not thick), but it's since stabilized. I get super frequent UTI's (severe constant pain for 2-3 days, urinating makes it worse), and severe pain during sex even with lube.
Any thoughts on why, after 2 months (if it was torn by him), it wouldn't return to normal? Or any other causes that would expand the opening? How about tips on minimizing pain during intercourse besides using lube and drinking cranberry juice?
Much appreciated :)
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Important to take antibiotics for the UTI.  Untreated UTI's can lead to a full kidney infection and those can become serious.  So, you need to see the doctor again in my opinion.  And ask them why you are getting frequent UTI's.  they are always either anatomical or involve fecal matter.  The bacteria has to get into the urethra to cause the issue or it comes from within due to the anatomy.  (stones, for example).  

When in pain, important to get medical assistance.  

Typically the vagina will stretch for a large penis (we do, afterall, have babies out of that same hole).  His lack of care in lovemaking is something I'd not put up with.  :>)  Just woman to woman.  Make sure the man in your life takes his time and considers you and how it feels to you along the way.  

good luck
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Well, first, sorry to hear about the guy.  What a terrible lover!  I think I'd not give into guys like that that make you bleed and tear because they are in such a hurry.  Guys like that aren't interested in you personally, they just want to get off so steer clear of them.  

You sound to have quite a sexually active history and therefore, I hope you see a doctor for pelvic exams at he minimum of annually.  Check for std's for sure.  But since you are having these symptoms, I think it warrants a check up now.  I would imagine you didn't help maters by sticking your pinky tip into any crevice or 'hole' you found.  frequent UTI's are something to investigate as that shouldn't be happen.  That is often an issue of improper wiping or sexual in going back and forth between the anus and uretha.  Remember, UTI's are most often caused due to fecal matter entering the uretha.  (unless you have an issue with your kidneys, uretha and bladder from birth but then you'd have gotten uti's and kidney infections as a child).  UTI's are to be properly treated with antibiotics.  You also could be experiencing stinging that you feel is a uti but is actually an abrasion that hurts when urine hits it.  A uti is a frequent urge to urinate, and a feeling like you can't finish the stream and a burn as you do.  An abrasion feels like stinging when the flow of urine is going.  

Anyway, I think it is time to see a doctor to help determine what is going on.  best of luck to you
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It's hardly considered active, it was maybe 6 times in 2 months. I'm very careful with who I sleep with, and I've never had anything, still clean after him. I had 3 separate checkups with 2 different doctors for this: 2 gyno exams and 1 vaginal ultrasound. They all concluded with only being able to tell me there's nothing abnormal and I don't have any STD or STI. I didn't actually stick anything in there, that was just to give an approximate size, I just pushed on it slightly in the shower and freaked. It's most definitely a UTI, I used to get them lots along with a few kidney stones, this is just more frequent. I wipe front/top to back/bottom, fold it, wipe again...so I don't think it's that, and I haven't tried anal so unless condoms are known to frequently become contaminated with fecal matter (or he didn't wash his hands...every single time we did anything), I'm not sure what else. It's not a frequent urge, it's a constant urge and won't go away for 3 days straight and I can never get more than a drop or two, which leaves me sitting on the toilet for multiple hours until the waves of pain are small enough to stand. It actually is a relief when I'm able to urinate because it's a shock of a different type of pain and the convulsions give me a few seconds of break from the other pain...
Like I said, the only thing I can think of is that a combination of being dry and being more than filled (it would definitely pull along the sides) forced it open. Any thoughts on what else it could be?
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