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Urethral intercourse and vaginal itch

My partner accidentally  penetrated my urethra instead of my vagina during intercourse. It wasn't painful but it was slightly uncomfortable and i didn't realise it was my urethra until after sex. And it feels a little weird when i pee.
Would there be any risks for my partner and I?

I also seem to have been developing an itch on my right labia for many months now. It is dry and itchy and a little swollen.

Was is wrong with my private part?
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Answer for your question has been responded by me in Sexual health community.Please check.Correct your status of sex into female (if you are posting this), leave it alone if your partner (male) is helping you to find answers.Since urethral rupture or tear has different treatment options for male and female,I have cross checked your sex status.However figuring out that the subject is female,I have responded accordingly.
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Very worried and desperate.
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