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Urinary Issues.

Recently, I was just treated for BV. Prior to getting diagnosed, my GYN said that she found small traces of protein in my urine, but she wasn’t too worried about it. After finishing the prescribed antibiotics, I was fine for almost a week. And now, since last week I’ve been urinating a lot more frequently. It doesn’t hurt at all, but it feels like I constantly have to go, on some occasions very little comes out and my urine is almost always clear. I even have to wake up in the middle of the night to go. There’s no discomfort at all. Is this something I should return to the GYN for or should I go see a different doctor?
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Oh yes, perhaps it's your period coming.  We can have a cycle that is different than our normal for sure if this isn't your normal pattern. Something else that might be going on is a simple cyst.  I had one in my ovary and ouch.  I had a weird cycle, horrible cramps much worse than usual and heavy bleeding when it finally passed. It ached and hurt probably two months before it passed.  They are quite common. Read through this and see if anything matches. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/ovarian-cysts/symptoms-causes/syc-20353405 Perhaps this is all putting a strain on your bladder which is in that area resulting in your need to go more often from the pressure.  
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UTI's are such a treat.  Ugh.  But when I've had them, I've almost always had the classic symptoms.  Not only did I feel the urge to go often, I couldn't fully void and it burned inside as I did.  Awful!  Memorably awful.  I would wait and see personally to see if anything happens further.  BV is hard to eradicate, unfortunately.  A lot of women don't get rid of it on the first go round of antibiotics.  And then the meds you take for the BV can cause other issues.  I would definitely go ahead and add a probiotic to your routine.  That can be the little smoothie drinks they sell in the dairy Aisle, (activa is a brand by dannon) or take the supplement pill.  But they really help keep things balanced to ward off overgrowth of bacteria that happens when we take antibiotics.  

If you want to follow up and have your discharge swabbed to see if the BV is gone and they can do a urine test then as well to check for a UTI, that's always an option. And ya, make sure you don't have an std or anything like that.  Let us know, okay?
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Thank you guys for the responses. I just came back from the doctor and they said that they didn’t find any infection. The past few days i’ve been having increased flank pain in both sides and the doctor said it could be due to my period. But I’ve never had this type of pain before ever during my cycle and neither did I ever urinate this frequently before.
So what are they doing now?

When do you have your period? If it's within a few days, waiting to see if it eases after your period won't hurt, and if you have an ovarian cyst, it might resolve with your period.

If it's not better after your period, go back. Was this your GYN? Did they find anything in your urine - protein? ketones?

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You can go back to your GYN, since she has started this process. You may need to do another urine test, and ask them to do a sensitivity test on it to see what antibiotic is best for the infection you have, if you have one.

Make sure there is bacteria in your urine before taking the antibiotics. There are other conditions that can mimic the symptoms of a UTI.

If you are sexually active, ask them to do STI testing as well, for things like chlamydia and gonorrhea, if you haven't already been tested for those.

Let us know what happens.

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