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Urinary problems (pain & blood) please help

4 nights ago, I had an incident and was injured.  Someone pressured my stomach against a wall with their foot, and tugged vigilently until I expressed immense pain.

Since then, I have been having troubles sleeping because I can barely hold my pee, this has been going on for 3 nights.  I have been waking up to urinate on average three times during the night, but sometimes I don't pee anything.  This morning, when I checked, my urine was a little discolorated.  Yellow with slightly red urine.  When I wiped, light red blood was on the tissue.  It hurts at the very end when I am done peeing, causing me to cringe; and thus ache a little bit down there.

I am worried that something may be damaged.  I do not have health insurance, seeing a doctor is not an option.  Thank you by the way, for not allowing me to post on the "Ask a doctor" forum.  
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I know what it's like to be in the boat with no heath ins. but you need to go to the ER or get into see a Dr. right away even if it has to come out of pocket. I saw an interview with Johnny Knoxville from jackass and this sounds like a torn urethra.

I know that's a weird reference but your symptoms are quite similar and all those parts are connected. don't tough this one out. Please seek treatment asap. Explain that you don't have health ins. Some providers are will to work that out with you, run less tests etc..

Let us know how it goes.  
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