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Vaginal Canker Sores?

I'm a seventeen year old girl and upon going to the bathroom I noticed I have this whitish bump on the inner part of my vulva and it kind of hurts and looks like a canker sore. I notice that I get them every so often, though I can't exactly pinpoint when I get them. But they last a few weeks or days and then go away. Now, I'm a virgin in all aspects and I don't think I possibly could have gotten herpes. I've never even kissed anyone. I do notice, however, after coming off my period I always feel a bit raw down there because I'm sensitive to the pads I use. I use the unscented kind but they still  seem to bother me. I was wondering if maybe that could be a factor in it. All I know is that it keeps happening and it hurts and I'm scared. Does anyone know what it is or how I can make it go away? I'm too scared and embarrassed to talk to my mom about it.
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Hey sweetie! I would be concerned if I were you, too. It is a very intimate, sensitive area and it isn't something you want people knowing about.

A few questions - is it like a canker sour in that it is pitted? Does it look sort of like a tiny white crater in your skin? Or is it more similar to an acne blemish?

Do you use any type of creams, washes or wipes for vaginal care? If so, you may be irritating your skin with those, so try and pay attention to when they appear. In the same line of thought, when you use toilet tissue, be GENTLE. Don't scrub yourself - there's no need to be a hyper-wiper! Instead, be careful and pat yourself dry. Also, after showers/swims/baths, allow your vaginal area to air dry rather than throwing on a pair of panties right away. Drying yourself with a towel often doesn't do the job without being rough on your skin, so try to air dry! If you don't let yourself dry properly, you can trap moisture in and it will foster bacteria growth, which may be what cause the bumps!

I wouldn't worry about having an STD or STI, sweetie. If you keep yourself neat and clean, chances are this isn't something too serious but is rather something your body just does.

Regarding pads - every girl's garden is different! What works for some may not work for you. If you are feeling raw following your periods, it could be from the pads OR from wiping yourself clean too vigorously while menstruating. It depends on where you are feeling raw. There are a lot of wonderful alternatives to store-bought pads, so don't lose hope! If you'd like, I can post a list of links to some alternatives that you can consider.

Lastly, your mom. :) First of all, when she was your age, your mom had embarrassing things she didn't want to mention, too. But part of growing up is making the wise decision to practice a healthful lifestyle, and sometimes it means revealing things like that to your mom. She won't laugh or ridicule you. In fact, she'll probably share your concern and do everything in her power to help her little girl. Don't be embarrassed or ashamed by what you're experiencing! You aren't the first person to experience it, for sure, so don't feel alone in this. Be proactive in your health as a young lady, and ask questions so you can learn to take care of yourself! :) Best of luck, love!
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Thank you for replying! I got a closer look with it using a mirror and it actually looks more darkish now..like not black but dark...what if I have vulvular cancer?! I'm really scared that's what it is. Because I looked up vulvular cancer and the bump thing is in the right spot.

No, I don't really use any creams or anything like that there because I know that usually the vagina cleans itself and sometimes cleaning it with other things disturbs the balance or something like that and I don't want to get an infection or anything. But I'll keep the air drying thing in mind and the wiper thing. I know I do a lot of times wipe myself off with a towel and immediately get dressed again without allowing myself to air-dry. Especially when I come back from the gym.

I would really appreciate a list of alternatives because I can't wear tampons since I learned I'm allergic to them and so far I've only been wearing pads, but I always feel raw and irritated after my period and I figure that's from the rubbing of the pads.

I decided that when my mom gets home from work that I'm going to talk to her. Mostly because I'm panicked that I have vulvular cancer but I suppose that it couldn't hurt to tell her. At least she'll have an idea what's going on. My mom wants me to go see a gyno soon but my grandma says I shouldn't until I have sex and because my parents are divorced I live with my dad so my grandma gets her way on the matter. So I don't know much about my health down there, to be honest. I have an anxiety/panic disorder so most things that are wrong with me my dad just shrugs off as an attack or me making things up so I figured I was just imagining the bump but I looked and it's really there.

Thank you so much for helping me <3
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Also I wanted to add that I noticed this brownish goo coming out too. Like a liquidy mucus? Like female ejaculate but it's brown. At first I figured that it was just what was left of my period, since I just finished a two days ago, but now it seems kind of suspicious.
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I've experienced something that looked like canker sore just below urethral opening, slightly to one side. Whitish area atop a reddened & inflamed, slightly swollen area. Not a happy spot.  Not sexually active, so couldn't be STD.  I decided to apply the equivalent of a 'salt gargle' to see if that helped. Essentially, I ended up eventually dabbing toilet paper in warm/hot water, and dabbing salt crystals onto toilet paper, and applying directly to area. It stung! Like stars (one could dilute the salt-water solution first, for comfort). But I was expecting to feel increased sensation from that area.  I found it bearable… for a good cause!  Initially, there was some discharge from area, but that dried up after the first couple of applications.  After a few applications, I rinsed with warm water. Went to bed. Next morning, area was markedly less reddened/inflammed around canker sore, and sore itself was slightly smaller. I made 3 similar treatments throughout the next day, and continued to see significant improvement by the end of the night. Repeat as needed.  In sum, a modified 'salt gargle' was very helpful in my case to shrink and heal the sore.  
That’s a great way to get rid of them for sure...I didn’t know you can get a canker sore inside the Vagina but here I am and I’m going to go through the same thing and maybe a epson salt bath too... thank you for the idea
Hi Pepper_1971, welcome.  Let me know if the Epson salt bath works!  How long have you had the sore?  It's a rough place to have that kind of thing, isn't it?  Anyway, let us know if the salt bath works.  
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I am experiencing this at the moment as well and it's freaking me out and hurts so much. I have multiple vaginal lesions that look like canker sores all in one area and I'm not noticing any abnormal discharge it's just the sores. I have no clue where they came from or even how. I've had the same sexual partner for the past 3 months or so now and this has never happened before. Does anyone know if maybe it's created by small tears from maybe being overaly sexually active? Because thats really all I can think of. I've been reading through similar posts about this for the past 2 hours. People throwing out the herpes comment like crazy but I feel it has nothing to do with that. Does anyone know of any creams or meds or anything to help get rid of this? It has me to the point of tears!
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Did you have any resolve from this issue? I am currently dealing with sores in this area and they are seeming to multiply and fill with pus. Did your canker sores multiply at all? What did your Dr. say?  thank you and hope everything worked out for you. I am going to the dr tomorrow but have done nothing other than obsess over this for the past 2 days to the point of going crazy. thanks.
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Did you have any resolve from this issue? I am currently dealing with this and scared to death. Did your canker sores multiply at all? What did your Dr. say?  thank you and hope everything worked out for you. I am seeing a dr. tomorrow but have done nothing other than obsess for the past few days. thank you...
Just thought id add this resource and put in that anyone going through this needs to find an OB/GYN (Obstetrics/gynecology specialist) yes BOTH it means theyve likely seen it before but at least theyve read about it. Trust me dont go to an ER, they are trained to assume you have an STD. Its unfair but 9/10 times for them its true, people lie and its an std. In this case, it can be a WIDE range of things not all sexually related. If its a recurring problem for you PLEASE seek medical attention. Heres that resource,take a look at what i mean;
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Hey guys I'm so glad to hear that others have had this mysterious canker sore down there too. I am 19 now and have been dealing with this issue since I was 15 years old. They appear every 6 months to 1 year. I was not at all sexually active when they began, but I still went to the doctor and she told me it looked like herpes. So naturally I've been tested 3 times for herpes and each time comes back negative. It scares me that no one knows what it is. But the main issue is that it hurts like hell to pee. So the doctors gave me some numbing cream and that helped but still doesn't make them go away. Has anyone else had this issue to pee?

I believe this mystery lesion is in fact a canker sore. I get mouth canker sores very often and they hurt a lot. BUT I have found that they occur when I drink acidic drinks or eat acidic fruit. I have cut that out of my diet and now I don't get mouth canker sores and I haven't had one down there in a year and a half! I think that either it's a virus or just my body's reaction to acidic things.

Thanks guys I hope this helps
OMG I just looked up canker sores on the vagina because I've also been hero use for about a year now I just turned 19 a week ago but they feel exactly like a canker sore and looks like it I have maybe two and a possible third on my right labia?( the outer hanging lip I think that's the name for it)
And it hurts so bad to pee. I put tissue there and hold it when I pee so it won't touch but when I bathe the water doesn't make it burn unless I add soap.
I'm a little nervous I also went to the GYN to tell her to check for herpes cause I looked it up and it said it was that and my mom has heroes so I thought maybe I have it too but she said I was fine and she'd know if I did.
I still would like to hear of anyone has any new news on this topic please!!!! I am gonna go to the GYN again in about a week or two
I will post an update of anything is new
I'm having the same problem. It is so painful to pee. I can't go to a GYN, so please tell me what she tells you. This is so unbearably painful.
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I'm just going to add that I have had no more mouth canker sores since I have removed acidic food from my diet. And by removing the acidity from your diet, it also removes the acidity from your urine. If you do not remove the acidity from your urine, you become prone to vaginal canker sores because the urine runs down the vagina and eventually corrodes it.
This is my theory, but so far it has worked for me :) try this and let me know how it goes! Best of luck to all of you
I too am glad to know I am not the only one with this problem. And when I have to pee, its simply torture. I tried the salt water and it was a temporary fix.I also tried the medicated douche. I just want to know what causes this. I also have them in my mouth on a regular basis
Behcet's Disease (auto-immune)
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I just took my 16 year old virgin daughter to the ER last night and she was treated like a liar, but after her vahinal exam the doctpr apologized and ordered more tests. Her entire vagina is covered in canker type sores, has a brownish discharge, she has had a fever for 2 weeks, and last night her blood pressure dropped and she collapsed. I&#39;m praying they find an answer. In the meantime, we are using a mild steroidal cream to treat the blisters and a topical numbing agent, such as Nupercanal, to ease the pain. Please seek medical attention and do not be embarrassed to tell your parents, you need to see an OBGYN.
Hi have they figured out what it is. I&#39;m 15 also a virgin and I am now having the sores all over too and I was just at the ER for a reoccurring fever of 102 for 1 1/2 weeks and all they tell us is that it&#39;s just a flu. But it severely burns to even move and if anyone else had answers I was wondering if oragel would also work as a numbing but Idk
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Can someone please help me??? I have always had canker sores in my mouth but I also stopped eating acid foods. Unfortunately, I had one appear on the inside of my upper lip and on that same day I noticed a sharp pain when I wiped. Once I got home and had the nerve to look I noticed what looked like a canker sore on my labia. I immediately panicked thinking I had syphilis. I called my specialist, I have a blood disorder which may cause the canker sores in my mouth, and he had me come in today. I was devastated when he looked at it and immediately said it was herpes. There was no test done and he just prescribed pills. I haven&#39;t stopped crying all day feeling like garbage. I had oral sex about 3 months ago and he had no outbreaks on his mouth. Is there anything else I can do??? I&#39;m in pain and I can&#39;t believe that just by looking I am diagnosed with a lifelong disease. Please can someone help me figure out if this ever goes away? I am feeling hopeless.
Hi, This post is a very old onw, and for anyone to see your post and answer it, you need to start a new thread int he relevant forum: http://www.medhelp.org/forums/Herpes/show/195

Don't worry about a herpes diagnosis,. It is extremely common to have one and you SEEM to have HSV 1 genitally, which is the better one of the two HSVs to have. Chances of another outbreak if it's HSV 1 genitally will also be lower.

Please post your question in the herpes forum and you will get more reassurances. Wish you the best!
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I just had a few pop up on Monday. They look like cancker sores but they hurt a lot every time I move or pee it  burns and a stings I don’t know what to do I’m flipping out and crying because everything I’ve looked up for it. It shows herpes I’ve been with the same guy for 11 months. We have had sex before and it never happened. And I know for a fact he isn’t cheating on me.  So if anyone can help me out that would be really helpful I’m scared and I’m in pain
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I have lichen sclerosis and it sounds EXACTLY like what your describing.  It re-occurs in the same spot every few months.  I was prescribed clobetasol cream. It burns but it works. It takes 4 or 5 days to “heal” although like I said in a few months it will flare back up.  See an gynecologist that specializes in vaginal diseases and less on the obstetrics.
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