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Vaginal bleeding

I am 53 years old, Two years ago i had an endometrial ablation done due to extremely, heavy periods that would last weeks at a time.  Now, literally two years from that i have started bleeding again, not as heavy, not many large clots, but just as long. Transvaginal US was done, all looked good but simple ovarian cyst, and posterior subcerosal fibroid, I have no pain, other than normal cramping, no pain after sex etc.  Having a endometrial biopsy done tomorrow, then hystorectomy to be scheduled, my question is, has anyone experienced anything like this, all test so far have been normal, uterus lining isn't very thick either. Also had hormone level checked and it's very low, so menopause hasn't even begun
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My close friend had exactly as you mentioned.  She did have a hysterectomy and it did solve her problem.  It's not an easy surgery to have but she doesn't regret it. So, I'd weigh the situation and make the best decision for you.  She does NOT mind being free of bleeding.
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It's not at all unheard of for fibroids to cause long or otherwise unusual bleeding. Given that you have one, that's certainly what could be causing the problem. I'm sorry you have had to deal with this, and also sorry to hear that they feel a hysterectomy is the only way to handle it.
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