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Vaginal dryness

I’m 15 experiencing vaginal dryness in the labia and around the clit which makes it hard to have sex as I’m usually sexually active and foreplay doesn’t help, too much foreplay makes me swell up and go extremely dry. I’ve been for an std checkup and got my results I don’t have any disease so I’m not sure what it could be please help
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What are you doing for birth control? It might have a drying effect. Also, are  you actually very excited when having sex? Wetness comes from arousal, if sex is becoming a little humdrum or there is a sense of obligation to it, that kind of is a buzz-kill.
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not on any birth control I usually use condoms but stopped when I met my boyfriend as we have both been tested negative for any diseases but it’s gotten worse it’s dryness around the clit and labia not inside the actual vagina if that helps
You are 15 and having unprotected sex? Please, please think. Do you want to be a mom? Do you know the odds of him sticking around if you get pregnant? Dry clit and labia are going to look like nothing problems, compared to an unexpected baby.
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