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Vaginal irritation for weeks

Hello, I've been experiencing vaginal irritation (mild itch) for over a month now. It seemed to trigger right after my period. I've had bv and yeast infections before and this just feels different. It's mild enough that my daily routine isn't really affected, but irritating enough to not want sex and to stress me out. The sex I did have with my bf a few weeks ago burned and we haven't since. The itch comes and goes, for hours I'll be ok and then randomly i feel dry and irritated. My discharge is yellowish and white and has seemed fairly normal. After my last period I treated it like a yeast infection, I had suppositories and even fluconazale and it hasn't really changed. I know that sometimes infection symptoms can be very mild, even with BV, but when I had it before the itchiness and smell was intense. There's no real odor in my discharge. This morning I woke up and there was a tiny bit of brown in my discharge and it was stringy. I'm a bit concerned and looking for a professional opinion.
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Hi there.  First, let me say that this is a member to member community--  there are not doctors here.  I have read about women having this issue right after their period.  It is odd because it doesn't sound like a true yeast infection (although there are also different types of fungal overgrowth issues that can occur besides yeast) or BV (which doesn't itch typically and has the hallmark of strong odor).  Could it be more of a dermatology issue?  Like a reaction to your sanitary protection choice you use (tampons, pads, etc.)??  

In all truth, I think you need to see your doctor.  Even if you have already been seen for this.  Squeaky wheel gets the oil and you need some answers hon.  So, schedule an appointment and let them know what has NOT worked so a new treatment plan can be considered. good luck dear
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