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Vaginal yeast

Dos and donts in having yeast-like in vagina when I scrape? Is this normal? Im 22 y/o btw. Thanks!
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Are you talking about up in the vaginal canal itself or do you mean just in the folds of the vaginal lips (the vulva)? A lot of times in the lips of the vagina, something called smegma forms, it's a combo of skin fats or oils and dead skin cells and it looks kind of whitish and slightly grainy (but very fine-grained, like if you mixed baking soda with a little water for want of  a better comparison). If you 'scrape' some off with your finger in the bathtub, it will float, probably because of the skin fats. Anyway, smegma is very normal, guys find it inside their foreskins all the time and women can find it inside their vaginal lips. But if you are talking about further alonginside the vagina itself, then the possibility of a yeast infection is appropriate to consider.
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Well, first - don't scrape lol.

You need to get checked to make sure yeast is what you have. Yeast and bacterial vaginosis have similar symptoms, but need very different treatments.

If there's a possibility that you could have an STD, they often have similar symptoms, too, so if you've been sexually active, you should get tested for those, too.

So you need to see a doctor. Even if all you can get to now is an urgent care, do that. Don't try to self-treat or you could make things a lot worse. Yeast treatment can make BV really bad, and vice versa, for example.

Let us know what happens. :)
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