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So on the 13th April, I started getting this pink/brown spotting (which then turned red) for a week. After this week, I had a medium flow, red period which started on the 24th April and ended around the 10th May. I put all this information on a period tracking application and it says that my ovulation day is the 20th May and that my period is (ideally) starting on the 3rd June.

Then on the 21st May, I started having a light period but much heavier than spotting. This dark to bright red bleeding has lasted for 6 days. On the 26th May, at night, I went to the bathroom wiped and it was just urine. Today, its a light red, not really bleeding.

I'm not sure what this means, I have read a lot of articles on estrogen and progesterone levels being hectic and causing ovulation bleeding.

Has any one experienced this? What happened to you after this experience? I'm really scared that I might be pregnant, even though I haven't had vaginal sex.

Important details about me:
1. Virgin (no anal or vaginal sex) but has performed oral once on boyfriend and have grinded with underwear on
2. Boyfriend is also a virgin and has never done sexual activity with other people - so STDs is most probably 0
3. Never really had regular periods. Started having periods when I was 11/12 (now I'm 16)
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First, if you have never had sex then you can't possibly be pregnant, so don't worry about that. Second, at your age having irregular periods is not uncommon and could just be you body getting used to hormonal changes. However, you should speak with a doctor just to make sure that you are okay and maybe to put you in birth control pills, NOT to prevent pregnancy, but to stabilize your menstrual cycle.
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Hi there and welcome to the forum.  Agree that you can not be pregnant if you have never had sex.  :>)  Isn't it great to not have to worry about that.  

So, spotting midcycle is what is going on?  This can be due to hormone imbalances such as too much progesterone production.

I would schedule a pelvic exam/pap smear to discuss this with your doctor if it happens again next month.  good luck hon
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Yeah :C I'm just concerned because, its the second time this weird period-like bleeding and light pink/brown spotting at the end, happened to me.

And when I looked through the internet, all I see are "TTC" mothers who are getting excited over this implantation bleeding, which sounded a lot like what I was going through. And it was coincidentally around the time I started getting a little sexual with oral and experimenting physical love (excluding anal and vaginal sex).

And I think for the past two months, I've been convinced that I might be pregnant. Even though its silly, seeing I never had sex or had *** ejaculated onto my vagina :c

Thank you for the advice, ladies! Really helped me. I'll let it ride out first.
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It's like a medium flow period! It gets lighter throughout the day, and starts again the next day. Happened for about 6 days. Now I just have light red/pink tinged when I wipe. Period is in able a week.
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It really sounds like a good idea to take birth control pills to regulate my period, but my parents would honestly think I'm taking them for other reasons (aka having no condom sex) and think I'm having teenage sex, when I don't have intentions to, until I'm prepared after high school.
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try not to worry.  Most of those moms who are TTC talk about the implantation bleeding that doesn't ever actually happen to very many people.  I NEVER had it nor did many of my friends.  

You need to see your doctor to discuss what is going on.  If it is a hormone imbalance, you'll want to know that before adding a birth control pill.  This isn't irregular period but break through bleeding which is different.  If you produce too much progesterone, you won't want to add a progesterone type of birth control pill (many are estrogen based and that would be okay).  So, you really need to talk to your doctor to find the best thing for yourself to do to treat this and protect yourself against pregnancy.  good luck
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Will I be okay to not go on a birth control pill? My parents will be against it, even if its to balance my hormones out.

So is it very unlikely that I'm pregnant?
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You are a virgin, correct?  If so, then it is impossible for you to be pregnant.  IMPOSSIBLE>

I would tell your mom about the midcycle bleeding.  This should prompt her to take you to the doctor for a pelvic exam.  And at that time, if birth control is mentioned as a means to stop this bleeding, your parents may be alright with it hearing that your doctor is recommending it.  

So, talk to your mom and see about going to the doctor.  good luck
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Yes! I am a virgin, never had penetrative sex. I was pretty paranoid with all the stories of girls being fingered or having *** near their genitals, but I don't recall having semen that close to my area.

I have told my mum! She said it was a weird irregularity. Yes! If I do go to the doctors and they mention it, I'm sure they would see a reason to it.

Thank you for staying around and talking with me, this has made me feel a lot less worried about accidental pregnancy.
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Stopped bleeding around 26th. Just a couple of light spotting on the 27th - dirtied underwear a little. Nothing on 28th May - no longer need a regular pad or liner. When I wipe, there is like a light pink (now more off-white), I think its just leftover but its getting clearer now.

Only feeling bloated, but thats because I ate a lot recently.

Going to try sleep earlier, organise studying to reduce exam stress and exercise a little (which I've been doing for 2 weeks actually, just a 30 minute walk/jog).

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Hi :) I'm back with an update!

Lately I've been experiencing the usual discharge which ranges from creamy white to clear and "dry days". My period (according to this very inaccurate chart since my period is so irregular since I was 12) is apparently a few days late (3 today).

About two days before my period, I had swollen nipples (?), either because it was cold and they get erected from the coldness, but they hurt when I swiped my hand over it when in the shower and they look more erected.

Also, I've been cramping a little, light dull stomach pains closer to my pelvis.

Stomach looks the same (I'm a little chubbier), feels bloated.

In the past few weeks I have not experienced anything like nausea or weird food cravings and disliking towards foods. I'm always a little tired since I have to wake up early for morning classes and stay behind for extra afternoon classes, so I get run down.

Any suggestions of whats happening? I had two light and prolonged periods the month before, and now I think I'm missing this month...?
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