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What are the blisters/sores at the bottom and crack of my butt?

About a week ago I started to form sores at the bottom of my butt and near the crack. They have gotten larger which I feel is due to the two cheeks rubbing together. It is not itchy at all but more sore. There are no whiteheads of any sort. There are parts of the blister/sore that have started to scab and seem to try to be healing, but they are also parts that are peeling as well. I am doing my best to keep the area dry. Small spots similar to this have formed on my thighs that are also scanning over. What is it that I have and how can I treat it to get the infection away?
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Sounds like it may be a fungal infection.
Make an appointment to see  your doctor so that he can examine the area and prescribe the appropriate medication for you.

In the mean time do NOT use any soap, bath or shower gel as this dries the skin.  Use plain water and dry gently.
You can purchase emollients from the pharmacy that can be used in stead of soap.

Use a wet tissue paper to wipe yourself clean after a bowel movement.  
The doctor is likely to prescribe an appropriate medication for you, but in the meantime you can apply antiseptic creams like Sudocrem to help protect the skin and help it to heal.
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Do you suggest that I keep the wounds open or should I put the cream on and then bandages to cover them?
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Wash and dry gently  and just lightly rub on the cream.  Don't cover with any bandage.  Wear cotton underpants.  These help the skin to breathe.  Nylon and manmade fabrics can cause a lot of sweating and this encourages yeast growth.
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