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What are the causes for Irregular periods & bleeding between cycles?

My period used to be like clock work and would always come on the 12th day of the month. For the past 10 months my period has become very Irregular and just recently (4 months) I have started having light bleeding, spotting for one-two days in between periods. For example, I had a period March 3-5 spotted on the 13th then had another period March 27- April 1.  I started spotting again on April 22.  I got swabbed to rule out infection & also had a Pap Smear done in March and both came back normal. Doctor wants me to come back for an ultrasound but I'm curious to see what the outcome was for anyone else who has had these same symptoms? She doesn't think it's thyroid because of my weight.
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The same thing happened to me. mine was caused by lack of sleep, excess caffiene, and stress.
I'm thinking mine may be caused by stress as well...thats why i'm a little hesitant about going and getting the ultrasound done. What did your doctor do to regulate yours?
I got the depo shot but I dont recommend it at all whatsoever, try to see if they can do anything besides that. really bad side effects for me. but then again, everyone is different
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Uterine polyps can and do cause spotting between periods. And the ultrasound should help identify them on the screen if you have any.
Thanks for you response. I'm going to put off the ultrasound for another month. Have you had polyps and did they cause any pain or other symptoms besides what I've listed?
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Yes I've had uterine polyps and I've had them removed many times. I've lost track how many. Most recently last August. It's a simple procedure and the worst of it is getting the IV and getting over the anesthesia for me.

Yes there's pain associated with polyps because the uterus senses it's a foreign something that needs to be expelled and therefore contractions. That's how my gyne explained it to me.  I always know when I have them again due to the spotting and overly heavy periods I always get with them.

The only way to know if you have them is via a transvaginal ultrasound followed by a saline ultrasound (where they fill your uterus with saline and do the ultrasound to see all the details better). It's not a big deal, I've had it done so many times that I don't even blink anymore. But I do roll my eyes as in, Not this again!?!
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