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What can I do to relieve horrible, painful cramps?

When I'm on my time of the month, I have painful cramps (especially in my vagina, I don't know if that's normal). I usually take hot showers or sit in the tub full of warm water, which really does help but of course it doesn't give me long-lasting relief. It's just HORRIBLE and once the cramps are gone, I end up releasing thick blood clots along with heavy blood dripping. It's just... yuck. What are your suggestions?
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Some of the things I've tried in the past are; heating pads, Ibuprofin or Midol, and stretching.  Even though I always wanted to curl up in a ball, I read that stretching helped and tried it myself and was surprised that it did.  If you do any Yoga, try some of those positions.  Blood clots are usually normal during the worst of your period if they are no more in a quarter in size and you are not soaking pads like every hour.
Also, if you haven't seen an OBGYN yet (I see you are 15), I would make an appointment.
Good luck to you and I hope something I recommended works :)
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Thank you very much :)
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