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What causes my vagina or cervix to go on fire before my period?

I'm 38 years old virginal woman who was sexually abused as child (not raped/forced sex), and get a chronic pain, discomfort, and a painful burning feeling many times before my period.  It feels like fire, feverish, and occasionally itchy, irritated, and inflammation,too.  I take BC for my heavy and prolonged periods.  Been tested for STDs and most them were negative, however positive for HPV.  I had the Gardasil 9 vaccine series in 2019.   Pap Smear was normal of December 2020, and the repeat pap smear was normal with Atypical Squamous Cells.

Yet there is also vaginal discharge and bleeding between periods.  Could be any chance PID?
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Not sure about PID, it isn't usually characterized by a burning feeling. The relation to your periods sounds like BV, though most of the time the burning feeling would be more typical of a yeast infection. It sounds like you just need to be seen again (preferably right before your period) and your doc should look for inflammation and you should get swabbed again for everything.
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(By "swabbed," I'm referring to getting tested again, which sample is picked up by a swab. Not saying you should be swabbed like "swabbed the deck" or anything. :-)  )
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